Rebecca Tumposky

Rebecca Tumposky is an organizer with the Catalyst project and the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, and currently living in Oakland, CA, Becca has been active in Palestine Solidarity, anti-war and worker organizing for the past ten years. She was a member of the anti-racist/anti-imperialist Heads Up Collective in the Bay Area that bridged organizing for economic and racial justice with global justice and anti-war struggles. She is thrilled to be part of War Times/Tiempos de Guerras.


February 2, 2014

Rebecca Tumposky reports on the high stakes battle in Washington over the Iran negotiations as the P5+1-Iran interim agreement takes effect, stressing that further diplomatic progress is crucial for de-escalating conflict throughout the Middle East and dealing a blow to the Israel Lobby's constant promotion of war, occupation and Islamophobia. 

March 1, 2013

En español

Rebecca Tumposky cuts through this month's hypocrisy in Washington concerning drones, Afghanistan, the Israel Lobby and Chuck Hagel allegedly being a threat to U.S. "national security." She also suggests that peace advocates can learn a lot from the Forward on Climate# #NoKXL actions that brought tens of thousands into the streets February 17.  

March 31, 2012
Artwork by Shepard Fairey

Washington's Wars and Occupations:
Month in Review #83
• March 31, 2012

By Rebecca Tumposky

October 31, 2011

Washington's Wars and Occupations:
Month in Review #78

October 31, 2011

By Greg Hom and Rebecca Tumposky

January 1, 2011

Month in Review, December 2010 (Español)

By Rebecca Tumposky

It was tough going for Washington’s West Asian wars this month. But the Obama administration seems determined to plunge ahead with its bloody, dangerous and doomed attempts to address political problems there via military force.