Jan Adams

Jan Adams has worked with WarTimes/Tiempo de Guerras since its beginning, coordinating distribution during the three years when the organization published an antiwar tabloid newspaper. She is a lifelong political activist who has worked for justice in Central America (Nicaragua and El Salvador), in South Africa, in the fields of California with the United Farmworkers Union, and for racial and economic equality with electoral and advocacy campaigns in many areas of the United States. She currently works as a consultant to progressive groups seeking "help when you have to make a fight." She blogs at Can it happen here?.


December 15, 2011

This just went up on the New York Times digital front page.

November 24, 2011

Providing security
U.S. Army Spc. Lester Aldana, Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team security force provides security during a dismounted patrol in Sub-District 10 of Kandahar City Nov. 16. ISAF Media Flickr

September 7, 2011

U.S. Embassy in Bagdhad

A little good news for a change.

August 7, 2011

Thirty-seven, mostly U.S., soldiers were shot down by the Taliban in a helicopter in Afghanistan yesterday. Oh yes, those surface to air missiles can be so effective against foreign troops who must be moved by air because they will be blown up on the roads -- or there are no roads. Ask Charlie Wilson.

Here's how foreign "aid workers" travel in Afghanistan:

June 23, 2011

So the President has decided to "declare victory in Afghanistan and get out" except that neither he nor anyone else has a definition of "victory" and we're not actually getting out. By the end of the President's current term in 2012, there will still be more than twice as many U.S. troops in Afghanistan as when he took office.