Dec 5, 2012
Remnants of the Dalu family's home in Gaza City.
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for Dalu Family, four children, mother, grandmother, great grandmother & two aunts killed by Israeli air strike, Gaza City, November 18, 2012

hold your body loose with trust, angel
your explore pebble fingers/ reach Mama arms
chase warblers into flight legs now<
limp as fresh death your head rolls crook 

rescue uncle arm neon orange disaster vest
target precision rocket warning is you
beneath blast uncle hugs you so close
his heart almost jumpstarts yours but blood

burnt hair spells old calculus
one of their angels = thirty-four of you
praying your chest to rise uncle stumbles
cinderblock home cratered back to sand age

one of their daddies = one hundred of yours
beard brown faces twisted with math’s grief
hoist you too small shroud funeral march
run uncle weep father mourn each

rubble hand mama arm papa beard
granny lullaby tickling warblers to sing
bury coffins whose lengths all wrong<
hold your body loose with love, angel

--by miriam ching yoon louie

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