Regional Analysis


by Gary Hicks

Gary Hicks calls for urgent action to prevent U.S. re-intervention in Iraq while stressing the need to keep the long view and global picture in mind.

Re-energizing the U.S. peace movement requires both responding to immediate crises and pursuing a long-haul strategy.  

Today's crisis: Iraq is in immediate headline-grabbing danger of U.S. military intervention.

The long haul: Washington has made it a strategic, defense-...

International Solidarity: Honoring Nelson Mandela on His 95th Birthday

by Felicia Gustin

July 18th marks Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday. It brings to mind another birthday of his when he was still imprisoned by the apartheid government of Pretoria. The year was 1986. Inside South Africa, waves of protests were sweeping the country. In June of that year, a second state of emergency had been declared and thousands were arrested.

Internationally, anti-apartheid efforts were intensifying as broad grassroots movements began to...

Three Reasons Why Venezuela Matters

by Felicia Gustin

A lot of people seem confused about what’s happening in Venezuela. We see thousands of protestors facing off with police and soldiers and think popular uprising against government repression, right? After all, that’s how it’s being portrayed in both corporate media and much of social media.

But let’s take a moment for some fact checking. No question that violence has been rocking Venezuela in recent days. Hundreds of thousands of pro...

Border Crisis, or Juárez City is Inside Our Closets

by Gary Hicks

by Pilar Rodríguez Aranda (Reposted from here.)

(To read this post in Spanish, scroll down.)

Everyday I read, listen to, and witness the decomposition of our “human” societies, and everyday I become more convinced there will never be a real change if we do not work on the very base of it all: our own self, our family, our neighborhood and our local community. It is there where we find such barbarities that I really don’t...

Aliou, native of Guinea Bissau.

Globalization Reaches the Alpujarras… Again

by Rebecca Gordon

“Honéstamente, me encantaría volver,” Aliou told us. “Honestly, I would love to go home.” Aliou is from Guinea Bissau, a small Portuguese-speaking country in West Africa. For the last two weeks, he’s been living in a migrant workers’ camp outside the little town of Bérchules. It’s  one of a string of white villages nestled like clutches of eggs in the Alpujarras, an area in the foothills of Spain’s Sierra Nevada.

My partner and I met...

Levantamientos en Venezuela y Ucrania: un desafío para la izquierda de EE.UU.

by Jan Adams

Tracucción por Ruth Warner-Carrillo

Este mes, escritora de Tiempo de Guerras  Jan Adams abarca dos áreas del mundo donde Estados Unidos intenta torpemente controlar el resultado de dos levantamientos muy distintos: Venezuela y Ucrania. Ella propone que los progresistas y activistas a favor de la paz en este país tienen un desafío real en cada uno de estos casos: asegurar que los aventureros imperiales aquí no empeoren la vida de la...

Bury My Heart in Gaza

by Rami El-Amine


We thrash, curse for air
As our strangler declares, look
How violent the Arab

– Haiku for the Headlocked, by Zein El-Amine

Rami El-Amine makes the case that Israel’s war on Gaza is not about the kidnapping of Israeli teenagers, rockets, or tunnels. It’s about Israel...

Obama's argument is deeply flawed...op-ed from China Daily USA

by Gary Hicks Chen Weihua, the author, is the Editor of China Daily USA. We can take it for granted that his op ed piece, below, is representative of the consensual views of the present Chinese leadership, via its Foreign Ministry. Aside from official opinion, it's a short, sweet, to-point summation of what much of the diplomatic world, especially East and South, feel about the current state and actions of US foreign policy, following on the speech given at...
Image created by Heidi Andrea Rhodes

Towards a Real End to War in the 21st Century

by Sarah Lazare

Despite the Memorial Day “celebrations,” claims that the Afghanistan War is coming to an end, and talk of “humanitarian” military deployments to Nigeria, the naked violence of the U.S. role in the world showed through the verbal fog this month. President Obama tried to argue that an indefinite military presence is "how war ends in the 21st century." We argue instead that building movements for rehumanization and solidarity, against U.S....

"Hong Kong Add Oil" Image courtesy of

An Umbrella Revolution?

by Lynn Koh

Thoughts on Hong Kong.  (I wish to thank Timmy Lu and Lucia Lin for their ideas and analysis)

Few actions could have been more brazen than the government's cancellation of talks last week with representatives of the Hong Kong Student Federation, one of the leaders of the weeks-long democracy movement.  The movement, which has been calling for the resignation of the city's current Chief Executive and free elections for the next one in...

Cockburn on the Arab Spring

Patrick Cockburn is one of the most discerning observers of the politics of the Middle East.  As a journalist for the Financial Times and the Independent, Cockburn, has spent decades observing and analyzing the daily politics of empire and resistance.  Here he assesses the Arab Spring - now three years old - and if harsh, his analysis deserves our attention.  "The uprisings of the Arab Spring," he writes "have so far produced anarchy in...

3 Reasons Why U.S. Strikes on Iraq (Again) Are a Terrible Idea

by Felicia Gustin

The U.S. war machine is on the move. Oh, the tragic irony – the George H.W. Bush warship moves into the Persian Gulf, poised to take military action as the situation in Iraq deteriorates.

Calls for U.S. intervention grow louder. On one side we have the voices from the right, those who favor militarism and war over diplomacy (and who got us into this mess in the first place). Then there are those individuals, some liberals and...

Stand With Yemen: Enough War!

Since March 26, Yemenis have endured a U.S./Saudi air war and siege, in a conflict that has so far killed at least 1,500 people and displaced 300,000 civilians. We are asking people to send a message of solidarity to Yemen - ON THURSDAY, MAY 14TH - as part of the independent, Yemeni-led campaign Kefaya War ("Enough" War in Arabic). To learn more about the campaign go here or here...

Spotlight on Iran: Keep the Pressure On!

While this past week saw substantial progress for the pro-diplomacy and antiwar movements in the US, the high-stakes fight over Washington's negotiations with Iran is far from over.

To help sort through the complex and changing political landscape, War Times has put together a collection of links and articles that cover this past week's events .

Beginning in Washington, Jim Lobe takes a closer look at how AIPAC's efforts...