Gender & Militarism

The Invisible War: Militarism and Gender (part 4)

by Lynn Koh

Another installment of our ongoing series on militarism and gender.  This is a review of the Academy Award-nominated documentary The Invisible War.  Still in the works:  writing on Three Guineas, What Kind of Liberation, Sexual Decoys.  Let me know what else I should be covering.

The title of The Invisible War, a documentary about rape in the U.S. military, suggests that the institutions and machinery of state violence have been...

What Kind of Ancestors Will We Be?

by Felicia Gustin

I think about the children in Gaza, the children coming across the Mexico - U.S. border, the children without water in Detroit, the children living with violence in Oakland.

I think about what kind of future our children face and what is our responsibility, as adults, to all children, to rid this planet of war and militarism, hatred and inequity. To save this planet.

I think about this poem by Guatemalan revolutionary Otto Rene...

Blood on Israel’s Hands from Palestine to the Mayan Highlands

by Greg Hom

For this post, Greg Hom discusses Israel’s role outside of the Middle East region, and a win for the BDS movement.

What does the sentencing of former dictator Gen. Efraín Ríos Montt have to do with the politics of the Middle East?  Israel armed the government of Montt, making it possible for the army to commit genocide against the Ixil people, and gave military training as well, based on Israel’s experience of “...

Oppression is Global, Sisterhood is Not

By Christina Nesheiwat

The sentiment that sisterhood is global, though seemingly well intentioned, continues to perpetuate cycles of oppression on a global scale. The current media storm surrounding the Ukrainian women’s group Femen and its Tunisian supporter Amina Tyler is only one example of racism and neo-colonialism under the guise of “sisterhood.” Femen has chapters all over Europe and North America, and claims...

Teachable Moments: From the Manning Verdict to the March on Washington

by Felicia Gustin

Last night I dreamt that Chelsea was my daughter. Chelsea who was Bradley who was just sentenced to 35 years in prison. It was one of those wandering about, helpless, lost, not knowing what to do dreams. Kind of like how I had been feeling about the whole situation while awake.

Chelsea is just 3 years older than my actual daughter. As a parent, life is filled with teachable moments. As a parent and social justice activist, those...

3 Reasons Why U.S. Strikes on Iraq (Again) Are a Terrible Idea

by Felicia Gustin

The U.S. war machine is on the move. Oh, the tragic irony – the George H.W. Bush warship moves into the Persian Gulf, poised to take military action as the situation in Iraq deteriorates.

Calls for U.S. intervention grow louder. On one side we have the voices from the right, those who favor militarism and war over diplomacy (and who got us into this mess in the first place). Then there are those individuals, some liberals and...