Stop the Attack on Gaza: Resources from around the web

Now in its 6th day, Israel’s “Pillar of Defense” assault on Gaza continues, targeting hospitals and media outlets and killing 117, half of whom are civilians including many women and young children.

Israeli warplanes have shot over 1000 rockets into the densely populated Gaza Strip of 1.6 people, 1 million of whom are refugees from the wars and occupations of 1948 and 1967. Hamas in turn has launched over 60 rockets into Israel, many of which have been intercepted, though three Israelis were killed last Thursday. There has been virtually no pressure from Washington (Obama reaffirms Israel’s ‘right to defend itself’) though plenty of money—$3.1 billion a year to be exact.

Demonstrators have held protests at Israeli embassies around the world. In the United States a number of organizations have been working against the onslaught of media spin that ignores the broader conflict (the ever-expanding Israeli occupation of Palestinian land) and promotes the idea that Palestinian lives are worth less than those of Israelis. US Campaign to End the Occupation, Jewish Voices for Peace, Electronic Intifada, and the Middle East Children Alliance are just a handful of the many groups reporting on and organizing against the assault. 

What can you do now?

Give immediate relief, please donate to the Middle East Children’s Alliance, whose founder will be traveling to Gaza as she did during the 2009 Israeli attacks to hand deliver supplies in desperate need.

Organizing resources:

How most recent conflict began:

Racism and Xenophobia in Israeli government and society:

Internal Israeli and Palestinian politics

Media bias

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