A Poet Named Miriam Responds to War Times Blogger Hany Khalil

Feb 14, 2011

A reader left this poem in the comments section of Hany Khalil's recent blog post.

Masters of Vernacular

Egypt—eighteen days?!
your street poets out slam
General Pharoah

your liberation tweet beats
dare a people to hope your

papa historians
weep remember this Nile night, child
when Egypt became

yours chiffon hijab grandmas
ululate victory dance

invite stars alight
in millions Tahrir Square God’s

eye Alexandria
Algeria Gaza dear
poets of papyrus

& pyramids jesting &
Jaheen geometry &

astronomy MASSIVE
& Fagumi traffic jams
& el-Abnudi

keep disturbing world sense of
time Arab youth shoe bless you

& your kickbutt revolution

Houston Demonstrations for Egyptian Freedom:

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