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Zionists should be excluded from left-oriented protests

Should Zionists be excluded from left-oriented protests?  The short answer is yes.  But given the complexity of terms like “Zionism” and “exclusion” (and even “protest”), any answer requires solid reasoning.

Last week I provided a response on Twitter without having posed the question.

Israeli poet apologizes for comparing Ahed Tamimi to Anne Frank

The Israeli poet Yehonatan Geffen caused great outrage in Israel when he posted a poem (on his Instagram) comparing Ahed Tamimi to iconic Jewish heroes during the Holocaust– Hanna Szenes and Anne Frank, alongside Joan of Arc–causing Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman to call for banning him completely from army radio, as well as all other media.  

I’m blacklisted and banned From Israel, but for many others this is nothing new

In Naftali Bennett’s recent opinion piece in the New York Times, he argues that Israel’s ban on entry of foreign BDS supporters is not only reasonable, logical, and necessary, but even compares it to the United States’ I-94W ban on the entry of Nazi collaborators. I am a Jewish student. I study at the preeminent institution of the academic study of Judaism in America, the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.

Creating Change, or celebrating privilege?

There is no such thing as selective justice:  it is either indivisible, or it is privilege for some, disenfranchisement for the rest.  That message was made clear on January 20, the nationwide anniversary of the Women’s March, as Palestinian feminists and our allies stepped up at various rallies around the country, arguing that feminism cannot pick and choose which women to uphold, and who it can ignore, and that as such, feminism must include Palestinian women and children.

‘NYT’ praises Israelis for restraint in efforts to kill Arafat that killed 100s of innocents

If you are seeking a foothold in US political discourse, it doesn’t hurt to be Israeli. Over the weekend, the New York Times Magazine published Israeli journalist Ronen Bergman’s article about Israeli efforts to assassinate Yasser Arafat in the 1980s, from his forthcoming book titled, “Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations” (Random House).

Stop the attacks on David Palumbo-Liu

The Campus Antifascist Network calls for an end to the serial and libelous harassment of Stanford University Professor David Palumbo-Liu perpetrated by Fox News, the Stanford Review, and the alt-right.

Struggle for equal rights for Palestinians is ‘right choice,’ and will lead to ‘significant exodus of Jews’ — Henry Siegman

Everyone should read Henry Siegman’s long piece in the National on the “Implications of President Trump’s Jerusalem Ploy.” Siegman is a great leader because he has bucked the American and Jewish establishment, of which he is a member, to declare that the two-state solution is dead and buried.

Naked justice

A childish trick I remember practicing on my fellow first graders in my home village in Palestine (yes, the Galilee was still part of Palestine at the time) was to place a stick in the ground and claim that it marked the center of the universe. “Start measuring and prove me wrong if you can!” I would challenge my playmates. That was what struck me as the logic of the ruling by a military court judge, Maj.

Israel, are you a real state?

This week, three things related to Israel made my jaw drop:

1)     It turned out that centrist Israeli lawmaker (deputy minister and former Ambassador to the US) Michael Oren had not merely opined that the Tamimi family was “not a real family”, but that he had initiated a parliamentary committee investigation into this matter, already 2 years ago.