Articles from Mondoweiss: The War of Ideas in the Middle East

No way to treat a child

Imagine you are a family of four: two parents and two children aged, say, 11 and 15. You are all sleeping when at 3:45 a.m., there is a loud bang at your front door.Before you’ve reached the door, four heavily-armed soldiers have broken it down and barged into your home with no warrant and no explanation.

It’s his ‘Jewish duty’ to put aside differences with Trump and advocate for Israel, says CEO of American Jewish Committee

The head of the American Jewish Committee said on Monday that he has a “Jewish duty” to put aside whatever political differences he has with Donald Trump, and the Republican Congress, too, so as to advocate for Israel.

“When I’m on Jewish duty, AJC duty, our job is to represent our interest to whoever sits in the White House, whoever controls the Congress and the key committees, whoever the decision makers might be that will affect the fate of those matters of greatest concern to us,” David Harris said at Temple Shaaray Tefila in Bedford Corners, N.Y.

Trump nominee Kenneth Marcus seeks to undermine the very rights he’d be enforcing

Comedian Noah Trevor has said of Trump nominees, “It’s almost like before he hires anyone, Trump Googles ‘opposite of,’ and then he just gets that person.” At first glance, Kenneth Marcus seems an exception to a panoply of appointments in which for example, the head of Labor is an anti-labor CEO, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency denies climate change, the head of the Department of Education opposes public education, and so on.

Israeli Labor sells out African refugees, as ‘infiltrators’

”What has become of you? Are you the Zionist Union or the expelling union? Have you gone mad? In your tactics for wooing votes, you’ve abandoned your fundamental values and ability to tell right from wrong.”

Israel to deport 40,000 African asylum seekers ‘without their consent,’ many to Rwanda

Israel will begin deporting 20,000 African asylum seekers, mostly from Eritrea and the Sudan, to an unnamed third-party country “without their consent,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Sunday in a cabinet meeting. According to Israeli media the refugees will be sent to Rwanda, in return for which Israel will pay the African nation $5,000 per head.