Articles from Mondoweiss: The War of Ideas in the Middle East

UN office warns 97 percent of ground water in Gaza is undrinkable, causing risk of disease outbreak and epidemic

Electricity supply in Gaza increased up to 18 hours a day in some areas, following the provision of additional fuel to operate the Gaza Power Plant.

Only 22 per cent of patients injured during the Gaza demonstrations, who were referred for follow-up surgery in the West Bank or Israel, have been granted Israeli exit permits.

97 per cent of ground water extracted in Gaza is unfit for human consumption, generating the risk of a waterborne disease outbreak.

Bari Weiss politicizes Pittsburgh: US and Israeli Jews ‘are all one’ people

Bari Weiss, the conservative NYT opinion page editor, is a romantic Zionist. She believes passionately that Israel has united the Jewish people. Last night that passion overcame her when she said that “you better believe” that the leftwing non-Zionist Jewish group IfNotNow welcomed rightwing Israeli officials flying in to Pittsburgh to express condolences in the wake of the Oct. 27 massacre at the synagogue because all were expressing the unified spirit of Am Yisrael, the people of Israel.

Avigdor Lieberman wants to give war a chance

On Wednesday, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman resigned. He was upset about what he perceived as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu being too soft on Hamas . First because the PM agreed to provide some cash and fuel to Gaza, and then, after a couple of days of bombing in Gaza, the PM accepted a ceasefire.

No justice under occupation: Family of Palestinian woman killed by settlers searches for answers

It all happened within seconds. Aisha al-Rabi, 48, was sitting in the car with her husband Yaqoub, 51, laughing and jesting with their youngest daughter, 8-year-old Rama.

The parents of eight children were on the way home to their village of Bidya, in the northwestern occupied West Bank, after visiting one of their daughters in Hebron on October 12.

Yaqoub and Aisha were  excitedly discussing plans for the engagement of one of their daughters in two weeks. The next moment, Aisha was unconscious, blood spilling from her head.

Why demonizing SJP actually strengthens the Palestine cause on campuses

The upcoming National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) conference at UCLA has come under extraordinary pressure. Last week the UCLA administration issued a “cease and desist” letter, falsely claiming that its use of the bear image in the conference logo constitutes a trademark violation.

Billboard celebrating Gaza’s heroic first responders outside Boston is taken down under pressure

This morning the billboard outside Boston celebrating Palestinian medic Razan al-Najjar was taken down, Richard Colbath-Hass reports. “We just found out today the billboard was taken down under pressure. The Palestine Advocacy Project is working on a response.” What follows was his article about the billboard –Editor. 

American Jews are ‘vibranium’ from Wakanda to protect Israel — Greenblatt

There’s been a lot of talk lately in Jewish circles about US Jews losing faith in Israel and the dangers that poses to Israel. Here is a statement earlier this year that no one has picked up, from Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL, emphasizing the vital nature of that bond: American Jews are vibranium mined in Wakanda for Israel, or Bitcoin or Ethereum, a “natural resource” you don’t want to “squander” or “sub-optimize.”