Articles from Mondoweiss: The War of Ideas in the Middle East

The remarkable disappearing act of Israel’s car-bombing campaign in Lebanon or: What we (do not) talk about when we talk about ‘terrorism’

“With Sharon’s backing, terrible things were done. I am no vegetarian, and I supported and even participated in some of the assassination operations Israel carried out. But we are speaking here about mass killing for killing’s sake, to sow chaos and alarm, among civilians, too. Since when do we send donkeys carrying bombs to blow up in marketplaces?”

– Mossad officer, quoted in Ronen Bergman’s Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations

The ‘fake news’ story is fake news

Almost every day on public radio or public television, I hear reports about how fake news is undermining our democracy. These high-minded reporters and anchors seem truly to believe that a feverish menace is overwhelming the minds of once-sensible people.

Teenage son of prominent Bil’in activist arrested while buying pizza, sentenced to 19 months in Israeli prison

On December 10, 2017, my friend and son of a prominent Palestinian activist in the West Bank village of Bil’in was brutally arrested by Israeli forces. Then 17-year-old Abdul-Khaliq Burnat was on his way to buy pizza from a neighboring village when Israeli armed soldiers ambushed the car that he and his two friends were travelling in. A group of Israeli soldiers stopped the car at gunpoint, pulled the boys out of the vehicle, zip-tying their hand and blindfolding them, whilst beating them relentlessly.

Roseanne Barr says she will fight Jews supporting BDS by educating them about Torah

Once a presidential candidate on the Green Party ticket, now one of Donald Trump’s most known celebrity surrogates, Roseanne Barr spoke last weekend at the Jerusalem Post conference in New York about Israel and her effort to “bring people back” who boycott the Jewish state.

On sixth Friday of Gaza protests, Israeli snipers shoot 70, but kill none

“You! the one with the red T-shirt that has just insulted me, as a the son of a bitch. I promise to respond to you. We are ready for everything.” An Israeli soldier says by loudspeaker to the young men demonstrating in the weekly march on the Gaza border.

3 of 5 Palestinian children are suffering traumatic nightmares

Children living in the Gaza Strip are experiencing unusually high rates of nightmares and are showing increasing signs of psychosocial deterioration as a result of the violent response to the Gaza protests, just over a month since they began.