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Resisting ‘the new normal’

The nomination of Kenneth Marcus, President Trump’s choice for the position of Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights in the Department of Education, will go to a vote next week, and he is expected to be shooed in, on a straight party line vote.   If he is confirmed, he will likely  become the latest member of a growing list of politicians, beginning with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, threatening academic freedom generally, as well our civil rights as women, immigrants, Muslims, people of color, and LGBTQ+ people.

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BDS movement nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Norwegian parliamentarian Bjørnar Moxnes officially nominated the BDS movement for Palestinian rights for a Nobel Peace Prize. He did so with the support of his party, the progressive Rødt (Red) Party, explaining why BDS “should be supported without reservation by all democratically-minded people and states.”

Statement by Norwegian Parliamentarian Bjørnar Moxnes on Nominating the BDS Movement for Palestinian Rights for a Nobel Peace Prize:

Upcoming Likud bill is Israel’s latest attempt to annex the settlements

Israel’s ruling Likud party announced last Sunday a new bill that seeks to apply Israeli domestic law directly to settlements. The bill, expected to be introduced in two weeks, is an exact copy of a decision unanimously approved by the Likud Central Committee on December 31, 2017, which would de facto annex all Israeli settlements.

Roger Cohen misses the Palestinian reality

Ramallah, Palestine

Two weeks ago, Roger Cohen entered my life and that of several Palestinians I introduced him to in the West Bank by having us believe that he sincerely wanted to hear our stories and know our reality.  But The New York Times column that came out of it, “It’s Time for Mahmoud Abbas to Go,” intentionally ignores the big picture, the reality of Palestinian life, in his account of a West Bank visit from Ramallah to the city of Nablus.

‘Killing civilians is unheard of’ — Israeli propaganda gets red carpet reception in US press

Last week the Israeli journalist Ronen Bergman went on the NPR program “Fresh Air” as part of the red-carpet rollout for his book on the “secret history” of Israel’s program of assassinating enemies. Here’s a choice excerpt, Bergman’s remarks on Israel’s choice not to kill Yasser Arafat when he was traveling on commercial aircraft in the early 80s.