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Mother of slain medic goes to border fence, vows her daughter’s mission will not end

Yesterday paramedics staged a march along the eastern borders of Gaza with the family of the medic shot dead last week, Razan al-Najjar.

The 21-year old paramedic was killed when Israeli troops opened live fire on tens of protesters near the fence east of Khan Younis. Al-Najjar was attending to wounded protesters.

Her mother Sabreen explained why she was attending the demonstration, below. “For me, coming here is more powerful than words. I came to complete my daughter’s mission…. We will continue working tirelessly until the whole world gets our message.”

Israeli drones drop Ramadan blessings leaflet on Gaza– before four more are killed

Four Palestinian protesters were killed and hundreds others wounded by Israeli sharpshooters during the eleventh weekly protests along the Gaza – Israel fence, the Gaza Ministry of Health reported.

The ministry said a total of 618 people were wounded yesterday. Seven are in serious condition and 120 were struck by live fire at the protest over the course of the bloody day.

At least 122 unarmed protesters have been killed and close to 3,800 have been wounded by Israeli army fire since the marches began March 30.

The beautiful game: a history of whitewashing international crimes 

In the summer of 1978, at the height of Argentina’s brutal right-wing dictatorship, the 11th FIFA World Cup took place amidst an outcry over granting legitimacy to a state that is now known to have been responsible for the disappearances of around 30,000 people.  With the world watching aghast at the atrocities taking place in the country, a growing movement emerged which argued that it would be wrong to reward a state that was carrying out such large-scale human rights abuses with the honour of hosting the world’s most prestigious sporting event.  Many countries debated whether they shoul

Celebrating in Jerusalem, killing in Gaza, pandering in Sacramento

The May 14 split screen of Israeli and U.S. elites toasting a symbolic embassy opening in Jerusalem while 62 unarmed Palestinian protesters were gunned down by Israeli snipers in Gaza or suffocated by tear gas became an international media meme.

‘Kite terrorism’ — Israeli government takes on ‘sarcastic’ global press

The Israeli Government Press Office released the statement below yesterday, with the photos attached, and the headline: “Kite Terrorism: GPO Foreign Press Tour of the Area Adjacent to the Gaza Strip Raises Global Awareness of New Threat.” We promise, this isn’t the Onion. 

‘New York Times’ teams up with Israel to smear slain medic Razzan al-Najjar as ‘complex,’ not innocent

The New York Times today printed a long article giving credence to Israeli claims that Razzan al-Najjar, the young medic killed by an Israeli sniper a week ago, was not innocent. The article takes at face value Israel’s desperate efforts to taint the young woman, whom the army has previously maintained it killed by accident.

The first paragraph announces the Times’s service to Israel:

‘The power we have, even mountains can’t break down’: In memory of Razan al-Najjar

“We are stones standing in front of bullets”.

That’s how 21-year-old Razan al-Najjar explained the situation to us last April regarding the unarmed Palestinian demonstrators on the ground facing Israeli snipers from across the fence.

In the first two weeks since the March of Great Return kicked off, Razan had already escaped death and serious injury numerous times.

She recalled how Israeli soldiers had shot directly at her more than once, threatening her to back off from reaching the wounded.