Articles from Mondoweiss: The War of Ideas in the Middle East

In bid for Florida, Rubio says Trump is ‘anti-Israeli’ and a peace deal must wait 30 years

Last night Israel policy and Donald Trump’s Islamophobia were frontburner topics in the Republican debate, with Marco Rubio saying that Trump is “anti-Israeli.” Rubio also said that there will be no peace deal between Israel and Palestine for another 30 years.

And today, Trump announced that he will be speaking at the Israel lobby group AIPAC’s DC conference in ten days.

Psychological warfare: Society for Psychotherapy Research shills for Israeli occupation

A few months ago, I learned from my colleagues at the UK Palestine Mental Health Network (UKPMHN) that the Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR) intends to hold its annual conference in Jerusalem in June. Visiting the SPR’s microsite about the event, I read Jerusalem described as ‘a city suspended between heaven and earth, East and West, past and present – parallel universes of flowing caftans and trendy coffee shops’.

IDF propaganda ignores occupation when explaining Palestinian violence (Updated)

The IDF has a brand new graphic. It appears they’ve embarked on an inflammatory propaganda campaign expunging themselves and Israel’s decades long occupation, apartheid, land theft, extrajudicial executions, administrative detention, home demolitions and systematically institutionalized oppression of Palestinian people, including imprisonment and torture of children, from responsibility for violent Palestinian resistance.

Suicides on the rise in Gaza

What happens when a person is forced to struggle for years without enough money to support his family, and there is—literally—no way out? Now imagine that same desperation and hopelessness is reverberating across hundreds of thousands of people crammed into a tiny space?

“I tried to control myself and make myself think logically, but something was telling me to continue. Ending my life would be a relief: No one would call for money any more, no problems, no stress.”—Rezeq Abu Setta

Over 300 psychotherapists oppose holding annual research conference in Jerusalem

The usually quiescent world of psychotherapy has been struck by a blast of anti-occupation activism, in the form of a petition signed by over 300 psychotherapists opposing the choice of The Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR) to hold its annual meeting in Jerusalem this June.