Articles from Mondoweiss: The War of Ideas in the Middle East

South African Nobelist Coetzee on Israel and apartheid: ‘Draw your own conclusions’

Rarely are introductions more gripping than main acts, yet that was the case with keynote author J.M. Coetzee’s reading last night at the Palestine Festival of Literature. Now in its ninth year, the arts fair brings together literary giants and up-and-comers to tour Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory, where the writers give free recitals and workshops along the way.

By putting the word occupation in scare quotes the New York Times demonstrated everything that is wrong with its coverage of Israel/Palestine

The New York Times on Thursday described Israel’s military occupation in dismissive quotations (i.e “occupation”) in a story concerning Israelis and Palestinians and the Democratic National Convention. The story was about Sanders sending pro-Palestine representatives (James Zogby, Dr. Cornel West, Rep. Keith Ellison) to help write the Democrats’ 2016 platform, and how much of an inconvenience that will be for everyone.

‘Why is water dangerous?’ a Palestinian plea to the US Congress

There’s a crisis of demolitions underway in the West Bank’s Area C. We need your help. We’re walking the halls of Congress this week on behalf of Al Aqaba Village and on behalf of all Palestinian villages the West Bank’s Area C. Dr. Ahmad El-Atrash, senior planner for U.N. Habitat in Ramallah, is here with us to describe how the Palestinian Ministry of Local Governments and Palestinian communities work with UN-Habitat to achieve their planning and building rights – something that Congress is hearing about for maybe the first time.

Seven days in Hebron

I took off for Hebron on a Sunday morning, on a number 405 bus from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Throngs of Israeli soldiers filled the station, soldiers on the move, barely more than teenagers, large backpacks and automatic weapons flung over their shoulders, smart phones in their hands. Sitting beside me on the bus, a petite, red-headed girl in olive uniform flicked her finger across her smart phone. Listening to her chat with a friend, I could tell she was North American. Strike up a conversation, I told myself, but I didn’t have the heart.

Women elected student body president at three West Bank universities

When Dana Rwaidy started university two years ago, she never thought she would hold the position of student body president. Most class presidents in the occupied West Bank’s universities are chosen from the senior class, and the vast majority have long been men.

Giving up on political propaganda, Israeli consulate turns to Ted-style inspirational conference

A pro-Israel “gathering of influencers” known as the Beyond Conference took place in The Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College last Friday on a beautiful New York afternoon. I showed up alone, as I always do at these sort of events, dressed like a banker at happy hour so as to fit in with the crowd of eager young professionals. The purpose of the conference – which promoted itself with the tagline “Inspiration. Innovation.

‘My country right or wrong’ — indoctrination in defense of Israel

This past Monday evening, there was a meeting organized by the Westchester Jewish Council and sponsored by six other “pro-Israel” campus organizations (including Hillel, American Jewish Committee, Anti-Defamation League and Jewish National Fund), titled “A Night of Exploring Israel Bias and Anti-Semitism on Campus,” and attempting to equip Jewish college students with the tools necessary to combat “anti-Israel” activity, thereby preserving their “Jewish identity” from attack by proponents