Articles from Mondoweiss: The War of Ideas in the Middle East

Groping and crying

Ari Shavit’s mea culpa for sexual assault sounds uncannily like the argument of his book, My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel.  At least that’s the way the New York Times frames it.

Web drama on student activism ends with a jolt: ‘Israel just bombed Gaza’

There’s a great moment in “Activist,” a web drama series about student political action, based in part on the struggle of the Open Hillel reformers inside the Jewish community, when the heroine, Sam, is leading an anti-occupation demonstration and looks up at a window of the college building to see her mother, Carole Finnigan, a university dean, looking down at her with shame and rage. Everything is implied in that look: you’re hurting our school and your future.

In Tel Rumeida, you can be arrested for laughing

I returned to Tel Rumeida today to visit my friend and her mother. While waiting to get through the Shuhada street checkpoint, I ran into a colleague who works with Human Rights Defenders. I overheard a man who was standing next to us saying  wahed, wahed,or “one by one.”  As my colleague explained, changes have been made to the checkpoint. “It is now more difficult to pass through,” he said.

Miserable night, bleak forecast

On a windy and rain-soaked Manhattan night last week, a small audience gathered in an auditorium at the New School near Union Square, to find hope for Israel/Palestine.

Mitchell Plitnick, who for years has labored for a more humane American policy to Palestine, came up to New York from Washington, DC, Thursday night for a talk sponsored by his old employer, Jewish Voice for Peace, on “What Determines US Policy Towards Israel?”

BDS and the shattering of liberal Zionist taboos

“We welcome the statement’s shattering of the taboo against boycotting Israeli entities that are complicit in—at least selective—violations of Palestinian human rights”, wrote Angela Y. Davis, Chandler Davis, Richard A. Falk, Rashid Khalidi, and Alice Rothchild, et al. in the New York Review of Books (November 10 issue).

Clinton on 2005 Palestinian elections: ‘If we were going to push for elections, we should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win’

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton displayed a brazen contempt for Palestinian democracy in a 2006 meeting with Jewish journalists in Brooklyn, according to a new report. She also warned of the rise of “Islamo-fascism” as a “global threat that needs a global response.”

Invite to Netanyahu brought a big donor to Dem thinktank– and ‘we’ll never be called anti-Semitic again’

The latest emails from the Clinton campaign released by Wikileaks are radioactive. Two emails last year to campaign chairman John Podesta from Neera Tanden, head of the Clintonite thinktank Center for American Progress, lay bare the influence of Zionist money on the political process as nothing else has.

“Netanyahu was worth it….” “the far left hates me.”

Why Standing Rock matters

Once again, I seem to be glued to my monitor, this time streaming live scenes of the confrontation at Standing Rock in North Dakota.  Thousands of unarmed civilians are being attacked by heavily-militarized police and private security, as they seek to protect their lands, their natural resources, their cultural heritage.