Articles from Mondoweiss: The War of Ideas in the Middle East

Palestinian jailed for Facebook post casts light on PA attacks on free speech

When the plain-clothed men came for him, Kifah Quzmar, 27, did not need to be told why they were dragging him out of a popular Ramallah cafe on a sunny afternoon last week. “Call my brother,” he told bystanders before being tossed into the back of a tinted SUV with a yellow Israeli license plate parked outside.

Despite the tags on their vehicle, the officers making the arrest were not Israeli police. They were the Palestinian secret service, and had come to take Kifah for insulting them.

‘This is not an environment to learn’: Palestinian college struggles to exist next to IDF training ground

Imagine: you are Anas, a first-year college student. You’ve been studying for your calculus exam the past three days, but you’re still not quite sure if you have a full grasp of Taylor series yet. Inside the class, a tense few minutes pass while you wait to begin. You receive the test and peer down at the questions, your brain accelerating at an instant.

Israeli leader’s ‘extremism’ charge makes headlines around the world — but 10th paragraph in New York Times!

Is the New York Times incompetent or conniving once again to hide Israel’s extremism from its readers? We tend to believe the latter, but the reason hardly matters. Today there is yet another explosive story from the new Israel, and the New York Times covers it as blandly as if it’s the latest twist in the Connecticut governor’s race.

Joint List MK: Lieberman deal reveals ‘the real face of Netanyahu’

Amid mass political upheaval this week, the Israeli prime minister’s government reshuffle has brought in the creme de la creme of Israel’s far-right and raised the hackles of those fearing an apparent rise in extremism among Israel’s political leadership.

Israel’s defense minister Moshe Yaalon on Thursday stepped down from Israeli politics after saying that as of late he increasingly found himself at odds, morally and professionally, with the PM, several ministers, and MKs.

Clinton campaign is ‘nervous’ Sanders will push ‘divisive’ battle over Democratic platform on Israel

In the Washington Post, Abby Phillip and Anne Gearan report on the concessions that DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is willing to make to Bernie Sanders to try and placate his hordes at the convention in Philadelphia at the end of July. DWS wants to give Sanders “seats on a key convention platform committee,” but that might not stop Sanders from picking a fight over the party’s policy positions, including our focus:

‘Clinton scares the generals’ — Democratic Party divides over foreign policy

The divisions inside the Democratic Party are breaking out in a big way, especially now the divisions in the Republican Party are last week’s headline. Many Democratic establishment types are openly wringing their hands about what Bernie Sanders’s young hordes will do at the convention and in the general election if they lose and are not respected.

UW-Madison graduate student union endorses BDS

The following press release was sent out by the UW-Madison Union of Graduate Student Workers:

Members of the Teaching Assistants’ Association at the University of Wisconsin-Madison vote overwhelmingly in favor of a resolution to divest from the State of Israel and corporations that profit from the illegal occupation of Palestine.

AIPAC event in Connecticut features anti-Semitic humor, from an Israeli editor

On Tuesday night, David Horovitz, founding editor of the Times of Israel, began a speech sponsored by the Israel lobby group AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, at Temple Israel in Westport, CT, by telling the story of his family, and he made this joke:

My brother in law [Zion Evrony] is ambassador to the Vatican, which of course is the best job in Israeli diplomacy because you live in Rome and you don’t have to deal with the Jews.