Articles from Mondoweiss: The War of Ideas in the Middle East

As PLO office closes in Washington, Palestinian ambassador says Trump is the problem not America

After 24 years the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s diplomatic mission in Washington DC closed yesterday, following instructions from the Trump administration to shutter their operations in the U.S.

The head of the mission Palestinian Ambassador to the U.S. Husam Zomlot issued a goodbye message from the West Bank, where he was recalled last May in the wake of the U.S. moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The loving rituals of liberal Zionism (and the Birthright breakup)

In 1986, at age 16, standing near Ben Yehuda’s pedestrian mall, I swayed to Naomi Shemer’s famous 1967 song, “Jerusalem of Gold” (Yerushalayim Shel Zahav) with other young Zionists in Jerusalem on an eight-week high school program. The song was being played on a boombox, and I sang along with other American Jews who had, like me, fallen in love with the city.

Palestinian farmers mourn crops lost to settler attacks in this year’s grape harvest

Every year, in late August, Palestinians begin celebrating the grape harvest, a quintessential part of Palestinian life and heritage.

Grape vines can be found on nearly every street in Palestine — on apartment balconies in cramped refugee camps, to sprawling fields and courtyards in cities and villages.

Woodward calls NATO and NAFTA ‘national security’ issues but gives Trump a pass for killing Iran deal

In his new book, Fear, Bob Woodward says that Donald Trump’s efforts to undermine NATO and NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the trade agreement with South Korea were threats to American national security and Trump was heroically foiled by his own aides.

But when it comes to Trump’s destruction of the Iran deal, Woodward all but approves it, portraying Iran as a “malign” threat to world order and an “existential threat to the Jewish state.”