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Documenting Palestinian invisibility for 40 years — an interview with James Zogby

Mondoweiss is excited to announce that we have partnered with the Arab American Institute to republish Jim Zogby’s important book Palestinians: The Invisible VictimsThe book is a critical examination of the ideology and practice of the movement of Political Zionism and its patron, British imperialism, that together were responsible for the denial of Palestinian rights and the subsequent campaigns of disinformation and repression against the Palestinian people.

When it comes to Facebook ‘incitement,’ only Palestinians are arrested, not Israelis

When I first heard of Dareen Tatour’s story, I had this terrible feeling deep inside. I am a musician myself, I know what it is like to express oneself through art. I imagined myself in her place, being arrested and persecuted for my art. Dareen is a Palestinian poet placed under house arrest since 2015, indicted for incitement to violence against the Israeli regime through a poem she posted on Facebook. Then it dawned on me that this could not actually happen to me, since I am a Jewish citizen of Israel, not a Palestinian.

Palestine and the upcoming snap elections in Turkey

Since the fall of the Ottoman empire, and the end of its control of Palestine and the Levant region, the Turkish role in Palestine has never been as active as it is under the current Justice and Development Party (AK Party-AKP) government. This party is led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the strongest nominee for the upcoming snap elections to take place on June 24, 2018.

‘NYT’ columnist says killing Palestinian civilians is… good for Palestinians

The New York Times has always had a double standard on human rights, but they usually aren’t very open about it.  They condemn Russian bombing as horrible war crimes, but criticize similar US bombing as mistakes and pretty much ignore Israeli bombing of Gaza. But they don’t come right out and say that killing is good or that it is cruel to be kind and kind to be cruel and Palestinians need to be shot for their own good.

Until now.

Rob Malley and Chris Hayes can’t talk about Adelson’s influence in scrapping Iran deal

Two leading figures on the American left, Rob Malley and Chris Hayes, cannot honestly discuss the role of Israel in foreign policy-making, specifically Sheldon Adelson’s influence over Donald Trump’s historic and tragic decision to scrap the Iran deal, a landmark of international diplomacy.

Why medicine is a political act

Welcome to Jewish Voice for Peace’s monthly Health and Human Rights Media Watch. Members of the Health Advisory Council monitor relevant organizations and websites and compile a list of important news and issues which are summarized here. These newsletters will be posted on our website and archived as a resource.  If you wish to join this effort,

Israel detains Palestinian teen with severe head injury, again

As Mohammad Tamimi, 15, walked to the market near his home in the occupied West Bank village of Nabi Saleh Sunday evening, he passed by a new white Hyundai.

Two men he assumed to be Palestinians were standing outside the parked car, speaking fluent Arabic on their phones. Two more were sitting inside the car, which had a green license plate (vehicles belonging to Israeli citizens have yellow plates).

Mohammad did not think much about this scene.