Articles from Mondoweiss: The War of Ideas in the Middle East

They made the real estate section bloom

It could seem too much of a coincidence, at first, even for the New York Times, to feature a 4.8 million dollar home for sale outside Tel-Aviv in its International Real Estate section on July 18, 2018, the same day the Israeli Parliament passed a

Giving Voice To Those Whom Israel Relentlessly Demonizes

“You wouldn’t last a day if you were in the Gaza Strip,” a young woman in a cap and gown snarled at me several weeks ago. I stood in a long line of activists that newly-minted graduates and their families encountered as they left Harvard Yard. We were holding banners and the names of more than 100 Gazans killed during the creative, unarmed demonstrations in the Great March of Return.

A killing in Gaza

Yesterday in Gaza Israeli forces killed Mohammed Sherif Badwan, 24, during the #GazaReturnMarch demonstration at the fence, east of Gaza city. Three other Palestinians from the al-Qassam brigades were killed in an exchange of fire and one Israeli soldier was also said to have been killed yesterday.

More than 100 were injured during the protest during which Palestinians climbed the wall around Karni crossing between Israel and Gaza.

The Israeli bombings of the Gaza Strip are ongoing.

‘Nothing changed with this law’ — Israeli Palestinians respond to ‘Nation-state of Jewish people’ law

As the international community expressed shock over Israel’s declaration that its Jewish citizens hold the “exclusive right to national self-determination” in the state, some 20% of the population saw only an affirmation of an already bleak reality.

“I think the bill has only officialized what has already been a kind of unofficial policy of discrimination by the state of Israel towards its Palestinian minority,” 24-year-old Amran Abu Houf, a Palestinian citizen of Israel from the northern Galilee region, told Mondoweiss.

Seven years a terror suspect

“So tell me,” I asked the LHV 433 (*) interrogator after some two and a half hours, “who did I piss off? Who ordered this investigation? A police colonel?”

“No, no, habibi,” he laughed, “much higher than that. You pissed off the Government’s Counsel.” He turned over the heavy binder with the investigation material to me, pointing to the signature on one of the warrants. He exaggerated a bit: the signature was Shai Nitzan’s, now the Israeli Government Prosecutor and at the time Deputy Government Prosecutor for Special Affairs (**).

US liberal Zionist group sees ‘hope and conviction’ in Knesset on day it passes Jewish state law!

This is appalling. On the day that the Israeli Knesset passed the law that Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people, and only Jews have the right of national self-determination, thereby stating officially that Palestinians are lesser citizens, a liberal Zionist group put out a fundraising email celebrating the Knesset!

“I saw conviction and hope in the Knesset this week,” was the subject line of the email yesterday afternoon from Mara Lee, the head of OneVoice.

Activists disrupt JNF event featuring Israeli settler at St. Louis University Law School

On Wednesday, July 11th, a group human rights defenders disrupted a Jewish National Fund event at St. Louis University (SLU) Law School. The event was titled “Israel’s Borders in International Law” and featured an Israeli lawyer, Eugene Kontorovich, a settler who lives in an Israeli colony near Bethlehem. In his talk, Kontorovich spoke directly to Jewish National Fund’s vision, justifying Israel’s settler colonial project in Palestine and the violence required to maintain Israel’s displacement of millions of Palestinians.