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The Biggest Labor Stories of 2017: A Look Back in Horror and Hope

The first year of any Republican presidential administration is sure to bring new attacks on unions and their allies. This year has seen plenty of anti-labor offensives, as well as inspiring fights and encouraging signs for the future.

The Hidden Tax Increase for Working Families in the GOP Tax Bill

The current tax debate in Congress is fundamentally a fight over whether most of us will sacrifice to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. The Republican tax bill that has already passed both houses of Congress and is now in conference committee is the latest manifestation of a long-term conservative goal to enact so called “tax reforms” that will further redistribute wealth upward.

Grad Students Take Tax Bill Fight to Paul Ryan’s Office

Welcome to Interviews for Resistance. We’re now several months into the Trump administration, and activists have scored some important victories in those months. Yet there is always more to be done, and for many people, the question of where to focus and how to help remains. In this series, we talk with organizers, agitators and educators, not only about how to resist, but how to build a better world.

In the Face of the GOP’s Class-War Tax Bill, Chicago Activists Voice Outrage in the Streets

Chicago—It’s an unseasonably warm December evening and a crowd of about 500 people, some wearing knitted pussy hats and recycled signs from previous rallies, are gathered at the plaza in front of the Chicago Board of Trade. Two days earlier the Senate passed its version of the GOP’s tax plan, which gives lavish tax breaks to the wealthy at the expense of everyone else. 

How Bosses Use “Open Shop” Campaigns to Crush Unions

U.S. employers have never been particularly accepting of unions. Yes, there were a few decades after World War II when most employers engaged in a largely stable pattern of collective bargaining that recognized unions as junior partners in industry. Wage increases kept pace with gains in productivity, and union endorsements were courted by both parties.

The Blue-Collar Hellscape of the Startup Industry

On November 13, Marcus Vaughn filed a class-action lawsuit against his former employer. Vaughn, who’d worked in the Fremont, California factory for electric automaker Tesla, alleged that the manufacturing plant had become a “hotbed for racist behavior.” Employees and supervisors, he asserted, had routinely lobbed racial epithets at him and his fellow Black colleagues.