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Ohio Factory Workers Fight for a Union: “Everyone Deserves a Seat at the Table”

Forklift operator Timi Jernigan hopes President-elect Donald Trump fulfills his campaign promise to bring more manufacturing jobs to the United States. But he knows from experience that not all factory jobs are the same.

“I’ve worked at union and nonunion facilities,” says Jernigan, who’s worked at factories around Dayton, Ohio. “And it always was better at the union ones.”

From the WWE to the White House: The Anti-Worker History of Trump’s SBA Pick

This month, President-elect Donald Trump continued his trend of appointing wealthy businessmen and women with little government experience to government posts by nominating former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) chief executive Linda McMahon to head the Small Business Administration (SBA).

5 Ways Unions and Workers Centers Can Defend Immigrant Members

This article was first posted by Labor Notes.

As the reality of a Donald Trump presidency sets in, unions and workers centers are gearing up for a massive fight to defend immigrant members, building on lessons from the past decade.

Six Flags Great America Not So Great for Foreign Work-Visa Students

In a cramped hotel room in suburban Chicago, Roxana Cruz, 22, is preparing for another day of work at Six Flags Great America. She worked late the night before—a bus brought her back to the hotel after midnight—and she’s facing another long day now. She straps on a park-issued visor and applies makeup that she hopes aloud won’t melt in the harsh sun.

With Too Few Workplace Inspectors, OSHA Targets Worst of the Worst

This article was first posted by FairWarning.

Soon after beginning their cleanup of a fume-filled tanker car at an Omaha, Neb., rail maintenance yard, Adrian LaPour and Dallas Foulk were dead.

An explosion that April 2015 afternoon trapped LaPour in a flash fire inside the car and hurled Foulk out the top to his death.

“Si se pudo!”: Hotel Workers Win Union in Santa Monica, California

This article was first posted at Labor Notes.

While many union members needed time to recover from the presidential election results, a group of Santa Monica, California, hotel workers didn’t have time to spare. News of Donald Trump’s victory only pushed them to fight harder to win their union election at a beachfront hotel.

A week after Trump’s win, hotel workers at Le Merigot Hotel voted 27 to 15 to unionize with UNITE HERE Local 11.

Oil Refineries Don’t Just Pollute—They Also Kill Workers

The following is an excerpt of an article first posted by The Center for Public Integrity.

ANACORTES, Washington—From 500 yards away, John Moore felt the concussion before he heard it.

Moore was midway through a 6 p.m.-to-6 a.m. shift as an operator at the Tesoro Corporation’soil refinery in Anacortes, an island town 80 miles north of Seattle. It was 35 minutes after midnight on April 2, 2010.

Texas Bill Would Require Workers Under 18 to Get Their Parents’ Consent to Join a Union

Last month, the highest-ranking member of the Texas Senate, Jane Nelson, pre-filed 11 bills to be considered in the legislative session that begins on January 10. A former teacher, Sen. Nelson has often focused her legislative attention on protecting children, and her new bills are no different—with five of the 11 bills dealing with children.

Trump’s Pick for Labor Secretary is Literally the Worst

President-elect Donald Trump is wasting no time laying waste to his campaign promise of standing up for working people.

This is no more evident than in who he picked to be labor secretary—Andrew Puzder, chief executive of CKE Restaurants, parent company of fast-food chains Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s.

His nomination last week drew immediate fire.