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Nation’s Richest, Including Trump, Are About to Enjoy a $17 Billion Windfall Due to a Tax Loophole

As America's largest Wall Street banks continue to count the billions they've already raked in thanks to the Trump-GOP tax law, a government report published Monday shows that America's millionaires—as well as many rich lawmakers and President Donald Trump himself—are getting ready to share a $17 billion windfall thanks to a 

Puerto Rico’s Major Newspapers Laid Off Reporters Just When the Island Needed Them the Most

On the morning of Sept. 19, 2017, hours before Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rican, editors at the newspaper Primera Hora sent Sara (not her real name), one of their reporters, to the small island Culebra, miles off Puerto Rico’s coast.

Hurricane Irma, which had hit the northeastern Caribbean a month before, had caused massive destruction. “They wanted to have someone [on Culebra] in case the problems were bigger with Maria,” Sara tells me. “I left my family just to be a good employee and a good journalist and be there in order to report the damages.”

West Virginia Teachers and the Return of Labor Feminism

Since the 2016 election, Americans have been treated to all varieties of media profiles and literary-safari trips to the heart of coal country—like J.D. Vance’s book Hillbilly Elegy—which leave the impression that the “working class” is largely an undifferentiated mass of reactionary white men.

The GOP Tax Plan Was Sold On a Baseless Theory. Now It’s Being Exposed As a Giveaway to the Rich.

On Tax Day, Republicans in Congress will surely be trying to tout the benefits from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) that they passed in December. It’s still far too early to make big claims about what the data shows about the effect of the TCJA, but it’s worth remembering why we should be very doubtful that any benefits at all will accrue to typical American families from the largest—and only permanent—feature of the TCJA, the cuts in corporate income tax rates.

Gov. Cuomo Is “Acting Like Breitbart”: Community Groups Fuming After WFP Split

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has successfully driven a wedge between the progressive Working Families Party (WFP) and labor unions—and, in the process, tried to strong-arm unions out of funding several community organizing groups that serve low-income New Yorkers, immigrants and low-wage workers.

At a meeting in Albany, N.Y. on Saturday, the State Committee of Working Families Party New York planned to vote on whether to endorse Cuomo or Cynthia Nixon, who is mounting a progressive challenge to the incumbent governor. 

The Wave of Militant Teacher Strikes Has Gone Global. Just Look at the UK.

The wave of militant teacher actions that began in West Virginia is now spreading throughout the United States, to Oklahoma, Kentucky and, potentially soon, Arizona. Teachers in these and other states are fighting back against austerity measures that have, in recent decades, led to pay cuts, reduced job security and worsening working conditions. Their rebellion is a sign to other workers: if you want to beat back attacks on your wages and conditions, your best choice is to strike.