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Breaking the Chains: Can Labor Unions Organize Retail Workers?

Retail is the nation’s largest employer. Since 1980, the number of jobs in retail has reportedly grown nearly 50 percent, from 10.2 to 15.1 million. At the same time, real wages for retail workers have fallen by 11 percent while on-call scheduling, involuntary part-time work and “clopening”—where workers are required to lock up the store late at night and reopen the next morning—have wreaked havoc with workers’ lives.

Kentucky Right-to-Work Law Now a Question of When, Not If

Elections have consequences.

This is no more clear than in Kentucky, where emboldened Republicans are moving fast in the wake of their election victory to make the state a right-to-work state.

If such a law passes, as it looks likely to do, Kentucky will become the 27th state to go right-to-work.

“As I see it, it’s pretty much a done deal,” says Joe Brennan, director of the pro-union Kentucky Labor Institute.

Will Trump’s Supreme Court Reverse Fair-Share Fees? Unions’ Foes Hope So

The Supreme Court gave unions an unexpected victory last year when it issued a decision in a case that had threatened to take away the right of public sector unions to collect dues from workers they represent. That win may be short-lived. 

Ohio Factory Workers Fight for a Union: “Everyone Deserves a Seat at the Table”

Forklift operator Timi Jernigan hopes President-elect Donald Trump fulfills his campaign promise to bring more manufacturing jobs to the United States. But he knows from experience that not all factory jobs are the same.

“I’ve worked at union and nonunion facilities,” says Jernigan, who’s worked at factories around Dayton, Ohio. “And it always was better at the union ones.”

From the WWE to the White House: The Anti-Worker History of Trump’s SBA Pick

This month, President-elect Donald Trump continued his trend of appointing wealthy businessmen and women with little government experience to government posts by nominating former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) chief executive Linda McMahon to head the Small Business Administration (SBA).

5 Ways Unions and Workers Centers Can Defend Immigrant Members

This article was first posted by Labor Notes.

As the reality of a Donald Trump presidency sets in, unions and workers centers are gearing up for a massive fight to defend immigrant members, building on lessons from the past decade.

Six Flags Great America Not So Great for Foreign Work-Visa Students

In a cramped hotel room in suburban Chicago, Roxana Cruz, 22, is preparing for another day of work at Six Flags Great America. She worked late the night before—a bus brought her back to the hotel after midnight—and she’s facing another long day now. She straps on a park-issued visor and applies makeup that she hopes aloud won’t melt in the harsh sun.

With Too Few Workplace Inspectors, OSHA Targets Worst of the Worst

This article was first posted by FairWarning.

Soon after beginning their cleanup of a fume-filled tanker car at an Omaha, Neb., rail maintenance yard, Adrian LaPour and Dallas Foulk were dead.

An explosion that April 2015 afternoon trapped LaPour in a flash fire inside the car and hurled Foulk out the top to his death.