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In a Historic First, the Chicago Teachers Union and Charter School Teachers Have Joined Forces

With the approval of a historic union merger, teachers in Chicago are positioning themselves to mount a greater challenge to privatization and austerity.

On Monday, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) announced that its members had voted in favor of amalgamating with the Chicago Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff (ChiACTS), which, since 2009, has organized about 1,000 educators at over 30 charter school campuses.

Inside the Trump Administration’s Plan to Shrink the NLRB

Labor rights advocates are alarmed by a proposal to centralize more control of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) at the agency’s Washington, D.C., headquarters and shrink its network of regional offices. Widely viewed as another effort by appointees of President Donald Trump to reverse some union-friendly policies promoted by Obama appointees, the proposal is a step toward an even smaller role for the NLRB in protecting workers’ rights, these advocates charge.

Trump’s Jobs Claims in His State of the Union Speech Simply Don’t Add Up

In his first official State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday, President Trump boasted about a “new tide of optimism” that “was already sweeping across our land” when he was elected. One of the successes that he was eager to claim is adding more jobs to the economy.

In Davos, Trump Is Right at Home with the Global Plutocracy

Reading mainstream coverage of President Trump’s trip to the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland this week, you’d think he were an outsider coming to shake-up the global elites that frequent the annual summit—an anti-establishment “kid from Queens”, as the New York Times put it. Trump’s visit marks the first time a sitting U.S.

The Super Bowl Is Taking Over Minneapolis and Residents Are Mad as Hell

Mel Reeves is a long-time human rights activist based in Minneapolis who describes himself as a writer, organizer and a “human being who stands for everybody’s rights.” When Super Bowl LII rolls into Minneapolis on February 4, Reeves will be ready. He is part of a grassroots national group called Take a Knee Nation, dedicated to keeping police brutality and racism front and center.

That Time When Virginia Woolf Called for Wages for Housework

Born 136 years ago today, Virginia Woolf was a pioneering feminist thinker who rejected the label “feminist”; she supported the Labour Party while showing little solidarity with her own servants. Her politics, in short, can be as hard to pin down as her lilting, lingering sentences—but both, make no mistake, were revolutionary.

Remembering the First Communist-Led U.S. Textile Strike, 92 Years On

The 1926 Passaic Textile Strike began on January 25th, 1926 and lasted through March 1st, 1927. The work stoppage involved more than 15,000 wool and silk workers in and around Passaic, New Jersey who mobilized in response to a 10 percent cut in their already meager wages. The Passaic Textile Strike is notable for the use of force against the demonstrators, the debates over free speech, the role of intellectuals and intellectualism, and for being the Communist Party’s first attempt to organize a large-scale demonstration encompassing the region’s textile industry.