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The Trucking Industry Is a “Sweatshop on Wheels.” Here’s How Kavanaugh Could Make It Worse.

While the nation was focused on Brett Kavanaugh’s contentious confirmation process, the Supreme Court began hearing arguments in New Prime Inc. v. Oliveira, a major labor case that could impact thousands of workers throughout the country. The Court will determine whether workers in the hyper-exploitive trucking industry can sue their bosses for breaking the law. The case will now be heard by a conservative majority, including Kavanaugh, who has a long history of anti-worker decisions.

The Hidden Message of Amazon’s $15 Wage: You Don’t Need a Union

Earlier this week Amazon announced a $15 an hour minimum wage for its employees in the United States. As Amazon's founder and CEO Jeff Bezos acknowledged in a statement, the decision was at least in part an address to “critics”: The company “thought hard about what we wanted to do, and decided we want to lead.

Jeff Bezos Is Very Afraid of Bernie Sanders. The $15 Wage Victory Is Proof.

Last month, Bloomberg columnist Noah Smith argued that Sanders’s recent agitation against Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos, specifically his “Stop BEZOS Act,” “seems to be much more about grandstanding and pointing fingers than about actual solutions to help vulnerable American workers.”

America’s Great Strike Waves Have Shaped the Country. We Can Unleash Another.

Erik Loomis’ "A History of America in Ten Strikes" is a powerful reminder of the need for worker militancy.

Workers’ power is rooted in the work we do and our occasional refusal to do it. But, until recently, that refusal had become rare: Work stoppages have declined to historically low levels over the past four decades.