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Here’s How a Supreme Court Decision To Gut Public Sector Unions Could Backfire on the Right

Janus v. AFSCME, which begins oral arguments on February 26, is the culmination of a years-long right-wing plot to financially devastate public-sector unions. And a Supreme Court ruling against AFSCME would indeed have that effect, by banning public-sector unions from collecting mandatory fees from the workers they are compelled to represent.

Are You Sick? Blame Poverty.

The United States faces some of the worst income inequality in the industrialized world, with the GOP tax bill poised to widen the divide and send more people below the poverty line. Now, there is mounting evidence that those on the losing end of this economic divide face a multitude of negative health impacts caused by poverty-related stress.

The Rhode Island Progressive Who Helped Make Paid Sick Leave a Reality

On April 26, 2016, Bernie Sanders shocked Rhode Island’s entrenched Democratic establishment by pulling off a surprise win in the state’s presidential primary.

Sanders won despite the fact that his opponent Hillary Clinton had received endorsements from Rhode Island’s entire Congressional delegation and every statewide elected official and Democratic Party power broker.

Through grassroots organizing, the insurgent Sanders campaign pulled off a victory by running on a bold progressive platform.

As Trump Advances a Retrograde Economic Vision, These Worker Cooperatives Chart a Different Course

This article was first published on Waging Nonviolence.

Announcing his presidency in 2016, Donald Trump promised the nation that he’d become “the greatest job president God ever created.” His plan to accomplish this rested on a retrograde economic vision that would “make America great again,” by restoring waning coal and manufacturing jobs, as well as putting an end to the alleged assault on American work by foreign immigrants and global competition.

Lipstick on a Gig: Why We Should Be Very Skeptical of Uber’s New “Portable Benefits” Scheme

In 2016, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance (NYTWA) filed a class-action lawsuit against Uber, claiming the rideshare giant denied them benefits, even though they were full-time workers. The company accomplished this, the suit charged, by classifying workers who spent “six or seven” days a week “laboring for 12-plus-hour shifts” as independent contractors.

In a Historic First, the Chicago Teachers Union and Charter School Teachers Have Joined Forces

With the approval of a historic union merger, teachers in Chicago are positioning themselves to mount a greater challenge to privatization and austerity.

On Monday, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) announced that its members had voted in favor of amalgamating with the Chicago Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff (ChiACTS), which, since 2009, has organized about 1,000 educators at over 30 charter school campuses.