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These Are the Corporations Behind Trump’s Muslim Ban

Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court officially gave its seal of approval to discrimination against Muslims by upholding President Trump’s Muslim ban. With all three branches of the federal government now apparently united in their anti-Muslim animus, it is clearer than ever that we cannot wait for our public officials to see the folly of their ways and right this wrong. 

Brett Kavanaugh Once Sided With an Anti-Union Company That Scapegoated Undocumented Workers

People working at a meat distribution warehouse in Brooklyn were tired of working for unsustainable compensation without health insurance, paid holidays or overtime pay, so they decided to come together to improve their jobs. Their company immediately threatened and fired individuals for their support of a union, but they persisted in wanting to achieve a better workplace. In 2005 they voted to join together to form a union, yet their bosses refused to negotiate with them.

#RedforMed: 1,800 Vermont Nurses Are On Strike Demanding Their Hospital Put Patients Over Profits

Ranked 47th for pay in the nation. High turnover, stagnant wages, and chronic staffing shortages—sound familiar?

You’d be forgiven for thinking these figures refer to the working conditions of West Virginia teachers, or those in any of the red states that erupted in strikes during this spring’s teacher rebellion. But, in fact, these figures describe the daily realities confronting nurses in none other than the widely-hailed progressive state of Vermont.

Tech Corporations Reportedly on the Verge of a Major Coup in NAFTA Negotiations

If you ask Donald Trump’s economic team, there’s a method to his madness of triggering painful trade wars. He’s imposing tariffs to force countries to the negotiating table, in order to set America’s terms of trade with the rest of the world. The first salvo is the NAFTA negotiations with Canada and Mexico, which have gone through eight rounds since last year and could restart as soon as August.

Inside the Koch Family’s 60-Year Anti-Union Campaign that Gave Us Janus

With last month’s monumental Janus decision by the Supreme Court, the Koch family won a major victory in their multi-generational attack on unions.

The ruling spreads to the entire public sector one of the laws the Koch fortune first helped push through in Kansas 60 years ago: “right-to-work.” And in doing so it enshrines the union-busting agenda their fossil fuel money has helped advance for decades. 

After Wall Street’s Destruction of Toys ‘R’ Us, Pension Funds May Divest From Private Equity

At the beginning of this year, in an In These Times cover story, we reported on what union activist Stephen Lerner has called “labor’s assisted suicide”: investment by public employees’ pension funds in private equity (PE) and hedge funds, which make many of their profits through job-destroying, union-busting “efficiencies.” We’re happy to note that in the wake of the recent bloodletting at Toys ‘R’ Us, according to the Financial Times,