Articles from Juan Cole

Saudi Men can no Longer Divorce Wives without Telling Them

Saudi courts now have to inform wives by text message that their husbands want a divorce in a bid to end surprise separations on the part of their husbands.

Starting Sunday, courts in Saudi Arabia are required to notify wives by text on any rulings confirming their divorces. However, women still remain subject to male guardianship laws within the Islamic monarchy.

Rashida Tlaib and Working Class Authenticity v. Trump’s Plutocrat Pretense

Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – Why does Donald Trump get a pass on speaking and acting obscenely but Rashida Tlaib is pilloried for calling him a Mofo? It is because US corporate media and political elites expect the wealthy to do bad imitations of working class profanity (so as to fool the rubes into voting for them), but despise the real thing.

How Corporate Monopolies and High Prices are Making you Poor and Rich Richer

( – Andrew Leigh, a member of the Australian parliament, has a side gig. He just happens to be a working economist. Other lawmakers may spend their spare hours making cold calls for campaign cash. Leigh spends his doing research — on why our modern economies are leaving their populations ever more unequal.

How will Trump’s Withdrawal from Syria Affect the Turkish-Kurdish Conflict?

By Dilan Okcuoglu | –

Donald Trump’s unilateral decision to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria is likely to help ISIS adopt a new strategy and expand its territorial control while at the same time continuing its execution of unarmed civilians. The move also means Trump has stabbed in the back his most successful military partner, the Kurds.

Nonetheless, all is not lost for the Kurds — they have already emerged as prominent actors who are capable of developing serious diplomatic and political ties.

A New Space Race? China First to Land on Far Side of Moon

By Wendy Whitman Cobb | –

China became the third country to land a probe on the Moon on Jan. 2. But, more importantly, it became the first to do so on the far side of the moon, often called the dark side. The ability to land on the far side of the moon is a technical achievement in its own right, one that neither Russia nor the United States has pursued.

New Rep. Ilhan Omar vows to make the US live up to Religious Freedom

Ilhan Omar marked her first day in office by promising to make the US live up to its ideals of religious liberty, and she demanded the country reject divisiveness and hate, Anadolu Agency reports.

Omar was sworn into the House of Representatives on Thursday, and joined Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib in becoming the first Muslim women in Congress. Omar is also the body’s first Somali-American member.