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Egypt: Armed attack on Church south of Cairo leaves 10 Dead

Middle East Monitor | – –

Egyptian media sources have reported that the Mar Mina Church in Helwan, south of Cairo, was attacked this morning, resulting in the death of several people, including the attacker.

The sources reported that an armed gunman tried to raid the church and an exchange of fire occurred between him and a number of security guards. This led to the death of several individuals.

If only they Were Houston: 45% Puerto Ricans still lack Power

TeleSur | – –

Puerto Rico is now in its 100th day since Category 4 Hurricane Maria struck the island, damaging vast amounts of infrastructure and nearly eliminating its electrical and running water systems.

Though some of these basic necessities have returned to the island, residents who have electricity say that “blackouts are part of life” and are angry that they are still in “recovery mode.”

Goodbye to 2017, the Year Trump Coarsened our World

By Martin Khor | (Inter Press Service) | – –

PENANG, Malaysia, Dec 21 2017 (IPS) – In 2017, Donald Trump dominated the year by using US clout to change many aspects of global relations, and not for the better.

What a year it has been! As 2017 slips away, and 2018 dawns, many wonder if the world will ever be the same.

No, Trump, you don’t want more Climate change for Northeast

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

Trump said Thursday that given the cold snap in the northeast, that region could do with some global warming.

As others have pointed out, Trump does not get the difference between climate (long term patterns) and weather (one-off phenomena). The cold snap is weather. The heating up is climate change.

Iraqi Kurdish Leaders’ No-Good very Bad Year

Histyar Qader | Erbil | ( | – –

The end of the year brought strife to Iraqi Kurdistan, The northern region has to deal with a reduced area of influence, internal and external political problems, and a financial crisis.

This year brought major transformation to the semi-autonomous northern region of Iraqi Kurdistan and by the end of the year it had become clear that these changes were not necessarily going to be positive. The future is not looking so bright up north.

Tehran Police say Iranian Women won’t be arrested over Dress Code

Middle East Monitor | – –

TEHRAN, IRAN – JUNE 5: Iranian women perform as they train Far East Fighting Arts to be able to defend themselves, at the Jughin castle which is located 40 km’s far from Tehran, Iran on

Police in Iran’s capital said Thursday they will no longer detain women who violate the Islamic dress code, local media reported.

Saudi Arabia Killed 68 Yemeni Civilians in Just 1 Day: UN

TeleSur | – –

A United Nations top official said warring sides in Yemen, especially the Saudi-led coalition, have no regard for human life.

The top U.N. official in Yemen said Thursday that Saudi-led airstrikes have killed scores of civilians in the past 10 days, including 68 in just one day, in what he called an “absurd war” in which all sides, including Saudi Arabia’s military coalition, show “complete disregard for human life”.

Russia: Permanent Bases planned in Syria to fight Terrorism

By Juan Cole | (informed Comment) | – –

The US military says that the number of ISIL fighters in eastern Syria has fallen from 3000 a month ago to only 1000 today. Moreover a lot of the latter are fleeing into al-Assad-controlled territory, a severe security concern for the Syrian state. The US is apparently declining to intervene, watching with some satisfaction as the fighters flee into the country’s urban areas.