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US counter terror air strikes doubled in Trump’s first year

Jessica Purkiss , Jack Serle , Abigail Fielding-Smith | ( The Bureau of Investigative Journalism) | – –

The number of US air strikes jumped in Yemen and Somalia in 2017, pointing to an escalation of the global war on terror.

President Donald Trump inherited the framework allowing US aircraft to hit suspected terrorists outside of declared battlefields from his predecessor, Barack Obama. Bar some tinkering, his administration has largely stuck within the framework set by the previous one.

America’s Biggest Mideast Foreign Policy Challenges in 2018

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

In some ways, the United States faces a more favorable foreign policy environment in 2018 than it has in some years, with regard to facts on the ground. Ironically, some of the more severe challenges emanate not from objective conditions abroad but from the erratic and often insular views of President Donald Trump. Other threats come from putative US allies.

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Israeli Ruling Party Votes to Annex West Bank and Seize Last Palestinian Lands

TeleSur | – –

“This is a historic event that we have been waiting for,” an extremist member of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud Party said.

The latest radical move by hardline Zionists in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party could see Israel´s government annex all of the occupied West Bank, incorporating most of historic Palestine into the Israeli state.

Soldiers of Peace: How to Wield the Weapon of Nonviolence With Maximum Force

H. Patricia Hynes, Review of Paul K. Chappell, Soldiers of Peace (Easton Studio Press, 2017)

Author and prominent peace educator Paul Chappell observed that he had 12 years of math through calculus II, and yet uses only a fraction of his math skills in daily life. He graduated from high school, however, illiterate in peace, literacy he desperately needed and has dedicated his life to cultivating, disseminating and incorporating into educational curricula.

Top 5 Signs Trump doesn’t Actually Care about Iranian Protesters

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

Trump has tweeted as though he cares about the welfare of the Iranian protesters in small towns across that country who are upset about reduced government subsidies for commodities such as eggs and gasoline. His administration tried to prosecute protesters for laughing at VP Mike Pence.

The scattered rallies, mostly consisting of a few hundred people but sometimes swelling to 1,000, continued for a third day.

Social Media Imperialism? Facebook Bans Palestinian Content at Behest of Israel, US

TeleSur | – –

Facebook has been working with Israeli Government officials to suppress Palestinian voices in the social media sphere according to a report published on Saturday in The Intercept. The partnership between the social media giant and officials in Tel Aviv has resulted in the censorship, removal or blocking of content deemed critical of the Israelis with these posting being branded as “incitement.”