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Future of Climate Activism: Dutch Court orders Gov’t to Reduce CO2 Emissions Dramatically

An appeals court in the Netherlands has upheld a 2015 lower court ruling in a class action case that the Dutch government needs to do more to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to 25% below 1990 levels be 2020. So far the Netherlands has only reduced 13% from 1990 levels.

The court appealed to the principle that the government must attend to the welfare of citizens, enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights.

Saudi Media Meet Collapses after Khashoggi Murder, but Trump Wants Business

By Clare BYRNE and Fabien ZAMORA | –

Paris (AFP) – Donald Trump claims he is being “very tough” with Saudi Arabia and Britain has warned of “serious consequences”. But besides demanding the truth about the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the West is likely to continue doing business as usual with the Gulf kingdom, experts say.

Khashoggi, a Washington Post columnist who had been living in self-imposed exile in the US since late 2017, vanished on October 2 after entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to get paperwork for his upcoming wedding.

NZ Boycotters Ridicule Israeli Court Fine for Lorde Cancellation

Israel yesterday ordered two New Zealand activists to pay 45,000 shekels ($12,000) in damages for persuading pop-star Lorde to cancel her concert in Tel Aviv.

The decision was handed by the Jerusalem Magistrates Court and based on Israel’s 2011 anti-BDS law, under which anyone who calls for a boycott of Israel or an Israeli institution can be sued for damages. The ruling is thought to represent the first time the controversial law has been cited as the basis of a court decision.

Did Islam grow up as a Reaction to the Survival of Paganism in the Eastern Roman Empire?

Both the Qur’an and later Muslim sources indicate that there were controversies in Muhammad’s home town of Mecca (and perhaps elsewhere in the Near East) that began some three or four years after his initial experience of revelation in 610. If Muhammad did keep his teachings secret 610-613, then it was sometime after he began preaching publicly that disputes broke out.

Israel’s Illegal Blockade of Palestinian Civilians in Gaza has doubled Unemployment to 50%

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The General Federation of Palestinian Labor Unions reported, on Thursday, that the unemployment rate in the besieged Gaza Strip has doubled since Israel imposed a land, sea and air blockade 12 years ago.

The federation said, in a statement, that while the unemployment rate had reached 27.2% before the blockade, it has now reached 50%, including 283,000 workers considered unemployed in 2018.

The statement added that the poverty rate has reached 80%, indicating critical deterioration in the standard of living and economic performance in the Gaza Strip.

What Happens in Vegas may Swing the Senate Blue

San Francisco ( – It’s what campaigners say every November, I know, but this year’s election really is as important as it gets. Will U.S. voters choose to halt the progress of Donald J. Trump’s slow-motion coup? Or will the tide just continue rolling over us? So much depends on what happens in Nevada — a state that once elected a senator by a mere 401 votes.