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European Union: Turkey further than ever on Human Rights, Rule of Law

Middle East Monitor | – –

Turkey will on Tuesday receive the European Commission’s most critical report since it launched its bid to join the European Union over a decade ago, with Brussels warning that years of progress towards membership were being lost, officials said on Saturday.

With the exception of cooperation on Syrian refugees, Turkey and the European Union are drifting apart on human rights, press and judicial freedoms and the rule of law, the Commission, the EU executive, will say, according to two officials who declined to be named.

Trump can’t Actually care much about Syrians if he only let in 11 Refugees this Year

TeleSur | – –

“We are seeing the impact of the Trump administration’s words and policy and actions that slams the door on refugees,” says Oxfam America.

The United States has accepted only 11 Syrian refugees so far this year, human rights organizations announced Saturday, just hours after President Donald Trump ordered airstrikes against strategic targets near Damascus in response to alleged chemical attacks by Syria’s government.

According to State Department figures, the United States took 15,479 Syrian refugees in 2016 at the end of Obama’s administration.

The Tragedy of American Great Power Moves on the Middle East: Trump Can, so he Will

By Mohammed Nuruzzaman | (Informed Comment) | – –

As assumed, the US, the UK and France launched their coordinated airstrikes on Syria in the early hours of Saturday, April 14 to punish the Bashar Al-Assad government’s alleged chemical attacks on the rebel fighters in Douma, a city close to Damascus. Russia’s counter-threats to shoot down the missiles and warnings from Iran did not deter the Western trio from executing their strike plan. They have followed suit what they announced a few days ago.

Sweden’s new Carbon Tax on Air Travel aims helping Environment

By Valéry Laramée de Tannenberg | | translated by Freya Kirk | – –

Sweden has introduced a new carbon tax. From 1 April, all passengers boarding a flight departing from Sweden will be charged extra fees. EURACTIV’s partner le Journal de l’environnement reports.

2 Dead, 30 wounded: Israeli troops again Fire on Peaceful Palestinian Protesters at Gaza Border

TeleSur | – –

“I have no fear of dying because there is no life in Gaza,” one Palestinian told AFP.

As Friday protests resumed near the border fence between Gaza and Israel, occupation forces opened fire injuring at least 30 more Palestinians and killing two.

Mohammed Hamada Hijila, 36, was killed in an airstrike in East of Shujaya, and Abdullah Al-Shehri, 28 years old, was killed by Israeli sniper fire at the eastern border. According to the Gaza Strip’s Health Ministry, 112 Palestinians have been wounded by Israeli army fire or treated for tear gas inhalation.

Israel must hold killers of Reporter Yaser Murtaja in its own Military to account: CPJ

Committee to Protect Journalists | – –

Beirut–The Committee to Protect Journalists has condemned comments by Israel’s defense minister over the weekend that appear to justify the killing of Palestinian journalist Yaser Murtaja in Gaza, and called on authorities to hold to account anyone who shot journalists with live ammunition. Murtaja died on April 7 of injuries sustained the previous day while covering protests in Gaza in which at least five other journalists were injured.