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11 Years of Blockade: How Despair Has Made Gaza Unlivable

By Valerie Carmel | –

(TeleSur) In 2012 the United Nations published a report claiming the Gaza Strip would be unliveable by the year 2020. Five years later, after the summer 2014 full-on Israeli military assault against the Palestinian terrirtory, the U.N. published another report arguing Gaza had reached the point of un-liveability citing deteriorating infrastructure, alarming economic indicators and worsening social services.

Protest Wave: ‘Explosion of Rage at System that has Robbed Iraqis of’ Hope

Baghdad (AFP) – In the heat of battle against the Islamic State group, Iraqis united against a common enemy.

But just a few months after Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared victory over the jihadists, social grievances that once simmered on the back burner have boiled over in a series of protests that have spread to several cities.

After erupting in oil-rich Basra province on July 8, unrest has quickly spread, as people have vented their anger over unemployment, high prices, power cuts and a lack of usable water.

Can Republicans find the Spine to “Contain” Trump?

Washington (AFP) – Donald Trump’s unsettling embrace of Russia’s Vladimir Putin this week drew derision across the US political spectrum, but it remains to be seen whether Republicans have the will to rein in their president.

The two major American political parties appear largely united in their desire to keep the Kremlin in check, particularly after Trump made the startling assertion in Helsinki Monday, with Putin at his side, that he believed the Russian leader when he said Moscow did not interfere in US elections.

What exactly did Trump Promise Putin on Syria, START Nuclear Treaty?

Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – There was a difference of opinion in the Russian press about whether the Putin-Trump Helsinki summit was contentless or whether new agreements were reached, especially on strategy and Syria.

US Episcopalians Will Boycott Israeli Firms involved in West Bank Rights Abuses

The US Episcopal Church has announced it has adopted a series of human rights resolutions which will set a screening mechanism for Israeli companies.

According to the resolution, the companies will be screened for human rights violations and activities.

The number of Episcopal Church followers in the United States is estimated at 2 million.

The vote on the resolutions which took place on Friday at the church’s headquarters in Austin, Texas and is considered a new victory for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Expanding ‘Dead Zone’ in Arabian Sea raises Climate Change Fears

Abu Dhabi (AFP) – In the waters of the Arabian Sea, a vast “dead zone” the size of Scotland is expanding and scientists say climate change may be to blame.

In his lab in Abu Dhabi, Zouhair Lachkar is labouring over a colourful computer model of the Gulf of Oman, showing changing temperatures, sea levels and oxygen concentrations.

His models and new research unveiled earlier this year show a worrying trend.

Iraq: Massive Protests against US-Installed Gov’t Enter Second Week

Basra (Iraq) (AFP) – Protests in Iraq continued into their second week Monday following days of clashes that left eight people dead, with demonstrators rallying to put social problems in the spotlight.

Months after Iraq declared victory over the Islamic State group, attention has turned from the military battle to the fight for jobs and public services.

Thousands of people rallied in fresh protests Monday in the eastern province of Diyala and the southern city of Nasiriyah, according to AFP correspondents.

Are your Personal Liberties at Stake if Brett Kavanaugh Joins the Court?

Washington, D.C. ( – If Americans lose the right to privacy enshrined in Roe, they’ll lose a lot more than abortion access.

President Donald Trump has nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace former Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Why should you care? Because everything from reproductive rights to voting, education, and health care is now at stake.