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Saudi Arabia vows Retaliation if Punished over Missing Critic

Dubai (AFP) – Saudi Arabia warned it would retaliate against any sanctions imposed on the oil-rich kingdom over the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, as more Western companies distanced themselves from the Gulf State.

US President Donald Trump has threatened the kingdom with “severe punishment” if Khashoggi, who has been critical of powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, was killed inside its Istanbul mission.

Sen. Warren Calls on Trump to Pay $1 mn. to Charity as her DNA shows Native Ancestry

Washington (AFP) – US Senator Elizabeth Warren, a potential 2020 Democratic presidential contender, released DNA test results Monday confirming her Native American ancestry and challenged Donald Trump to donate the $1 million he promised if the results proved her claim.

The 69-year-old Warren, a leading progressive voice, has been derisively called “Pocahontas” by the president and accused of lying about her lineage in order to gain advantages in her career including a plum teaching job at Harvard.

Tokyo’s Net Carbon Zero Olympics, as Japan surges toward 65 GW Solar

I love Japan, but I have to say its government has dragged its feet on renewable energy. But there are signs of a big turnaround on the issue in the world’s third largest economy, which would be huge. Despite worries about the impact of planned phasing out of solar subsidies, there are lots of good signs on the horizon. One is Tokyo’s plans to mount the very first Net Carbon Zero Olympics in 2020!

“Untrump the World”: Hundreds of Thousands March in Berlin against Far Right

By Common Dreams staff | –

BERLIN, GERMANY: Protesters participate in the Unteilbar (‘indivisible’) march against racism, exclusion and exploitation and for an open society on October 13, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. Organizers of the march decry the growing divisions in European society that they claim are being fuelled by policies that accentuate the gap between rich and poor, that prioritize security over human rights and that promote nationalism over inclusion.

Trump: SecDef Mattis, ‘Sort of a Democrat’ Could be Leaving Cabinet

By Jim MANNION | –

(AFP) – US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis “could be” leaving the cabinet post, US President Donald Trump says

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis “could be” leaving the cabinet post, US President Donald Trump says (AFP Photo/EMMANUEL DUNAND)

Washington (AFP) – US President Donald Trump said in an interview airing Sunday that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis “could be” leaving, referring to him as “sort of a Democrat.”

Could Deb Haaland be the First Native American Woman in Congress?

Albuquerque (United States) (AFP) – Deb Haaland is a survivor: she is a single mother who struggled with alcoholism and once had to apply for food stamps to put meals on the table.

She says she is ready for the rough-and-tumble atmosphere of the US House of Representatives, where she hopes to be working come January.

Haaland, 57, is one of three native American women hoping to be the first to serve in Congress. But the New Mexico Democrat has perhaps the best shot at victory.

Iran: Khashoggi was Murdered because West Shielded Saudis from Criticism

Ann Arbor (Informed Comment): According to the invaluable BBC Monitoring press surveys of Middle Eastern newspapers, the coverage of the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul has differed enormously from country to country.

In Lebanon, which has a diverse and somewhat free press, former journalist and current cabinet member Paula Yaqoubian told al-Jadid TV, “I hope that Khashoggi is being detained and hasn’t been killed; but things are pointing towards murder. If this is confirmed, thank God for Hariri coming out [of Saudi Arabia] safe.”

Israeli Squatters throw rocks on car of Palestinian Woman, Killing Her

Ramallah (Palestinian Territories) (AFP) – A Palestinian woman died of her wounds after Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank threw stones at the car she was travelling in, Palestinian security sources and media said Saturday.

An Israeli police spokesman confirmed a car had been hit by stones but did not identify the perpetrators. He said an investigation was underway but did not give further details.

Palestinian official news agency Wafa identified the passenger who died as 48-year-old mother of eight, Aisha Mohammed Rabi.

Turkey: Saudis “Not Cooperating” on Khashoggi Probe; Trump Threatens Riyadh

Istanbul (AFP) – Turkey on Saturday accused Saudi Arabia of failing to cooperate with a probe into the disappearance of a journalist inside its Istanbul consulate, as US President Donald Trump threatened Riyadh with “severe punishment” if it turns out he was killed.

Comments by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu represented a hardening of Ankara’s hitherto circumspect tone over the the case of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who has not been seen since since he stepped inside the consulate on October 2.