Articles from Juan Cole

Yemen’s Huthis vow to fight on after losing Hodeida airport to Saudi-Backed Coalition

Khokha (Yemen) (AFP) – Yemen’s Huthi rebels vowed to fight on after pro-government forces seized Hodeida airport from them on Wednesday, in a major step towards retaking the port city following a week-long battle.

Rebel leader Abdulmalik al-Huthi called for reinforcements to repel the advance of the UAE-backed government forces, after ongoing fighting left nearly 350 people dead.

“We will face all of the incursions on the ground. Our determination will never be dented,” he said via the rebels’ Al-Masirah news outlet.

Climate Terror Stalks us, and We Yawn– 3 Decades Later

Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – The American (and world) public was informed about the dangers of global heating 30 years ago this week, on June 23, 1988, by climate scientist James Hansen.

It turns out that Big Oil and other hydrocarbon industries were convinced of the dangers privately even before that, but hid their scientists’ findings from the public, causing trillions of dollars of damage to the earth.

$120 bn. in Coastal Property in Jeopardy from CO2-induced Sea-Level Rise

Sarasota (United States) (AFP) – Along sun-splashed shorelines in the US state of Florida, home prices are on the rise, developers are busy building new complexes, and listings just blocks from the beach describe homes that are “not in a flood zone,” meaning no flood insurance is required.

But experts warn that ignoring sea level rise won’t prevent a looming economic crisis caused by water-logged homes that will someday become unsafe, uninhabitable and too costly to insure.

Did You Hear about the Great Afghan Peace March? MSM Ignores Nonviolent Activists

Kabul (AFP) – Dozens of peace protesters arrived in Kabul on Monday after walking hundreds of kilometres across war-battered Afghanistan, as the Taliban ended an unprecedented ceasefire and resumed attacks in several parts of the country.

AFP / WAKIL KOHSAR. Afghan peace activists shout slogans demanding an end to fighting as they arrive in Kabul.

It’s all about the Midterms: Trump took those Children Hostage to Stoke his Base

Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – Journalists have almost certainly misunderstood the Trump White House when they pen this morning’s flurry of articles and television commentary about the White House abruptly being “worried” about the fall-out of the Family Separation Policy announced in May by John Kelly and reaffirmed this month by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Eminence Grise Jr., Stephen Miller.

Plot Thickens: Israeli Airstrike blamed for Killing 22 Iraqi Shiite Militiamen in Syria

Baghdad (AFP) – More than 20 fighters from an Iraqi paramilitary force key to the battle against the Islamic State group were killed in an eastern Syria air raid the United States linked to Israel.

The bombing raid hit Al-Hari, a town controlled by regional militias fighting in Syria’s complex seven-year war alongside President Bashar al-Assad’s forces.

AFP / AFP. Syria.

Top Six Dictators who also Divided Children from Parents like Trump/Sessions

Separating children from their parents, as Trump, Sessions and their myrmidons are doing, is monstrous and has been characteristic of the biggest dictators of the modern era. Here are a few cases in case you don’t believe me:

1. Stalin’s police used to designate some Soviet citizens as “enemies of the people” and then would take their children from those families. Some so designated who had their families confiscated were Jews.