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Israel approves $230m for settler only roads in West Bank

Middle East Monitor | – –

Israel’s Channel 7 has reported that the Israeli government has approved the allocation of $230 million to finance the construction of settlement roads in the occupied West Bank.

According to the channel, which is close to the settlers, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu informed the Head of Shomron Regional Council in the occupied West Bank, Yossi Dagan, of this decision, which was welcomed by the settlers.

Is China’s dominance of Green Energy Markets a path to Global Dominance?

By Chris G. Pope | (The Conversation) | – –

If there is to be an effective response to climate change, it will probably emanate from China. The geopolitical motivations are clear. Renewable energy is increasingly inevitable, and those that dominate the markets in these new technologies will likely have the most influence over the development patterns of the future. As other major powers find themselves in climate denial or atrophy, China may well boost its power and status by becoming the global energy leader of tomorrow.

Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Backfires, Improves Attitudes Toward Them

TeleSur | – –

A recent study shows the U.S. “Muslim ban” became unpopular among U.S. voters after its implementation, media coverage contributed to shift.

Political scientists revealed that public opinion on the so-called Muslim ban has shifted after a nationwide debate on immigration, racism and religion in the U.S. was sparked as a result of the ban’s implementation and subsequent protests, dealing yet another blow to one of President Donald Trump’s key campaign promises.

Nearly a year after Trump bombed Syria, al-Assad and Russia extend control

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

The Syrian war limps along at the margins. It is over where it matters but continues in key demographic pockets. The two most significant are East Ghouta near the al-Assad-held capital of Damascus and the province of Idlib in the northwest of the country. East Ghouta probably has some 380,000 people, who are under siege from the regime because the suburb is controlled by rebels. Idlib province probably has about 1.5 million people, i.e. it is similar to Maine or New Hampshire.

Burn Pits and Toxins: Are 800 US Bases abroad Scofflaw Polluters?

H. Patricia Hynes

| (Informed Comment) | – –

My nephew, an Army veteran who spent most of his 20 plus years military service as an officer in South Korea, is now a civilian military contractor living on a base in Afghanistan. Our only conversation about US military pollution in South Korea was something of a non-starter.

Tunisia: Austerity Protests roil Birthplace of Arab Spring

TeleSur | – –

Protests have been taking place across the North African country over the past several nights in protest against government austerity measures at the behest of the IMF.

At least one person is dead and 200 people have been arrested during several nights of protests in Tunisia, according to The Guardian.

EVs are Better: Iranian oil tanker in East China Sea could burn for a month

Middle East Monitor | – –

The stricken Iranian oil tanker in the East China Sea could burn for as long as one month, South Korea’s Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries told Reuters on Wednesday, as the blaze raged for a fourth day following a collision with a freight ship.

Dozens of rescue boats battled strong winds, high waves and poisonous fumes to comb a 900-square-nautical-mile (3,100-square-kilometre) area for 31 missing sailors and tame the fire, amid growing concerns the ship may explode or sink.