Articles from Open Democracy

The global threat to civil liberties

The International Civil Society Week, co-organised by CIVICUS and the Colombian Confederation of NGOs, took place the last week of April in Bogotá. DemocraciaAbierta was there and this is what we saw.

Drone warfare: the cost of progress

Western military planners see armed drones as the route to battlefield ascendancy. But rapid technological advance is shredding their dream.

Parliament will fight to protect the BBC

Lord Lester QC sets out why he's leading a rebellion of peers against the government's controversial BBC proposals, to be published today. 

Education worth thinking about

The latest Green Paper in the UK on higher
education puts ‘Student Choice’
as a top policy objective. But are there real choices for those who believe in
“education for education’s sake”?

Facing the facts: a progressive strategy for 2020

Labour has never secured a convincing majority from opposition and implemented a progressive programme. To believe it can this time is absurd. It's time for a different approach.