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Revolving doors at the NHS’s bully-in-chief

As the NHS’s financial regulator hires a new chair, the destination of its outgoing chair is if anything more noteworthy.

Taking the Spanish government before the law

The EU might be forced to act under the pressure of
its citizens, and for this, it has provided both the procedure and the

Kenyan democracy in the hands of the young

Elections are only the beginning of any democratic process. The harder task is to construct institutional arrangements that define the relationship between the individuals' rights and the state and sustain that contract over time.

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Austerity, inequality and the arts

The arts are at risk of becoming the preserve of those from affluent, middle class backgrounds. That matters.

Lebanon’s enduring contradictions

A century later, and after several civil wars and invasions, not much has changed in how different Lebanese communities invent and reinvent their national identities.

A new Jewish voice for Labour

The fightback
in the UK’s Labour party conference against ongoing misapplications of the International Holocaust
Remembrance Alliance
(IHRA) ‘working definition of antisemitism’.