Articles from Open Democracy

The EU and other neoliberal nightmares

Workers across Europe are rallying against a union which has used its undemocratic structures to force neoliberalism on a continent.

Ukraine’s struggle with the past is ours too

What happens in Ukraine does not stay in Ukraine. This is why uncritical glorification of Ukrainian nationalism is the west’s problem too.

Reject the contract – junior doctors and our patients can do better

Statement from doctors campaigning for a 'no' vote - highlighting how the latest junior doctor
contract will, if doctors accept it, continue to pit doctor against department,
whilst not protecting time, careers, quality services, nor most
importantly - patients.

Ending HIV: UN slogans vs the voices of civil society

Last week’s UN meeting exposed the deep
divide about whether HIV responses should commit to respecting, protecting and
fulfilling human rights rather than blaming those who are most affected.