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My 350 on BREXIT: The trouble with sovereignty

“Brexiteers’ sovereignty tapped into the colonial
nostalgia and delusion of grandeur that is still part of its national

My 350 on BREXIT: Beyond retrofit politics

"Hard as it sounds, Brexit should awaken us to the urgency of resurrecting the big questions, and once again contesting our future."

Brexit: the cost of bad governance

The European Union referendum exposes routine failures in Britain's exclusive and personalised ruling system.

Ukraine’s authoritarian signals

Recent unconstitutional legislation is smoothing the way for direct rule in Ukraine — and repeating past mistakes.

Violent attack to press freedom in Argentina

cooperative weekly newspaper Tiempo Argentino, was attacked in the early hours of Monday. July 4.
Links between the paper's previous owners and the Argentine secret services
paint a dark picture. Español

Death, Rocard and the demise of European social democracy

The Big Tent model has given way to a fight
to the finish between ideologues and pragmatists, both further and further away
from the “People” they are supposed to represent. 

A war of aggression

In Not The Chilcot Report (Head of Zeus books), Peter Oborne makes clear the erosion of trust between the British state and its public, as a result of the Iraq war.

My 350 on BREXIT: Earthquake

“For my part, my sentiment is not just
embarrassment, but shame. That we should choose the coward’s way of turning on
the EU in its moment of need.”

We are coming to realise the
enormity of the decision. Deciding to join or not is one thing, leaving is
something totally different.