Articles from Open Democracy

Voices from the supply chain: an interview

BTS speaks with
Elizabeth Nzilani Peter, an employee
of a Kenyan coffee cooperative, on the need to recognise homeworkers as part of
the formal labour force.

Elizabeth Nzilani Peter

After Cameron: How can you mend a broken country?

In seeking a One Party Britain, David
Cameron sowed the seeds not for a united nation, but a divided one. A sign that
Britain’s ‘Left Behind’ are now beginning to have their voices heard.

Ramadan and the police

People dısagree over whether
drinking or eating during holy month is a crime, but when police devote more time to this than actual crimes, what or who
do they serve?

The "Coptic issue" and the cycle of suffering

Mina Fayek

To single out the mistreatment of Copts and the failure of the state to protect them, as a “Coptic issue”, is a wrong diagnosis of the problem.

Does Brexit really matter? Yes, as the end of the UK

The Tory party has been in bed with the City for a century. It is not
beyond belief to suppose that Cameron’s goal was always Leave while apparently
leading Remain.