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How to help inmates heal after the trauma of prison

Half of all prisoners in American jails suffer from some sort of
psychiatric disorder. Can prayer and meditation support them?

Zachariah Presutti leads a group of incarcerated men and volunteers through a
guided meditation. Credit: Mike Benigno/YES! Magazine. All rights reserved.

Now they see us: abortion in Argentina will be legal

Argentina is moving towards the decriminalisation and legalisation of abortion, and the two million people who took to the streets to protest the results ensured its only a matter of time before it triumps. Español

Will Salvini copy Orbán in the fight against NGOs?

Italian Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini, admirer of Orbán, has harshly criticized NGOs whose ships save migrants from the Mediterranean sea. Will Italy follow the Hungarian path to illiberal democracy?

NHS charging for overseas visitors - wrong on every level

Regulations that deny visitors NHS care - except for certain infectious diseases and to relieve death pains - are riven with contradictions. And will hit some unexpected victims as well as the intended scapegoats.