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Hostile environment: border guard and border guardee

Border checks are no longer one-off encounters… but… a
myriad of micro-encounters. They have penetrated the everyday, mundane
interactions in people’s daily lives and imposed new meaning on them.

Sanctions don’t help the Venezuelan people

The endless
string of sanctions imposed on Venezuela first by the US and later followed by
the EU and Canada, is generating irreversible consequences. Español

For legal abortion and an inclusive democracy

Florencia Minici is a
member of the collective Ni Una Menos and co-director of Latfem Noticias. In May she spoke in congress, in favour of the Voluntary Interruption of
Pregnancy law. Here is her full speech. Español

Продолжение "Процесса"

Документалист Аскольд Куров встретился с Олегом Сенцовым в тюрьме "Белый медведь". 

The future of trade unions

democracy is reinstated as the movement’s guiding principle, organized labor
will fail in any form.

CIA whistleblower: ''No regrets. I would do it all again''

Whistleblower John Kyriakou explains why he and fellow-whistlebower Thomas Drake are committed to alerting their fellow Americans to a dangerous surveillance and war system designed to monitor their every activity. Interview.

Kim Jong-un to Trump: bring it on

Trump thinks he's the top deal-maker. Pyongyang's summit plans suggest not.