Articles from Open Democracy

Argentina and peripheral neoliberal militarism

Argentina is a country of peculiarities that stands out in its regional context. Its security strategy which kept the military separate from internal security for many years is one of those peculiarities. Español

Universal basic services: ending austerity forever

The premise of “austerity” is that there isn’t enough money to deliver a decent standard of living for all because there was a financial market crash in 2008. To banish this idea from the politi...

Left populism over the years

A conversation about the rise of the right-wing since the turn of
the century, what this tells us about liberal democracy, and the
deepening of democracy needed
in response.

The Swedish model is still alive

Stefan Löfven's party received 28.4% of the votes,
a strong result for a Social Democratic party in government in today's Europe.

Heated and abandoned: the Ecuador-Colombia border

Figuring out
what is going on at the northern border of Ecuador is like trying to put
together a puzzle with a huge number of pieces – namely, organized crime, drug
trafficking, paramilitary forces and human trafficking. Español

The united German extreme right

shows how collaboration across three rightwing sectors is a recipe for
disaster, as the extreme right understands very well.