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Should we close our worlds? Or open them out?

Cities need an overarching, positive narrative that binds all people to where they live, and where day to day behaviour and activities connect well with civic life. Interview. 

FP October 17

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Catalonia: an uncompleted transition?

The revolution to build democratic
‘stability’ and peace based on human rights and respect for citizen
participation is an open-ended process in which dialogue, negotiation and
participation are vital and ‘immortal’ cornerstones. Español

Catalunya and beyond: what’s after the nation-state?

take back control we need neither to retreat to existing nation-states nor to
replicate the nation state’s authoritarian structures at a smaller, regional

How lawyers fail migrants in the UK

Access to justice has diminished almost to vanishing
point, leaving asylum seekers and irregular migrants at risk of exploitation.

Can theatre change your mind?

Most people don’t
think of media as propaganda, but confirmation
bias is rife. What can be done? 

A scene from "A Nazi Comparison," performed by Craft Theatre.
Credit: Rocky Rodriguez Junior, all rights reserved.