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إمبراطورية الكلاشينكوف

في الواقع، ثمة عوامل عدة تفسر انتشار هذا السلاح في العالم العربي، منها سعره الرخيص نسبياً 

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70

Heed Monday’s anniversary, for talk of rights is
increasingly becoming hazardous to health in vast parts of the globe

What we talk about when we talk about gender in Armenia

As Armenia votes in a new parliament after the revolution earlier this year, it seems the new authorities’ political opponents are uniting in an anti-LGBT campaign.

Britain’s housing crisis: Refugee family given just one week to find new home

Jayne and her children won their long battle for the right to stay in the UK. Then they faced a fresh fight, with security company G4S.

Two weeks after they were granted leave to stay in the UK, Jayne* and her two children were served with an eviction notice by their landlord, G4S. They had one week to leave their home. 

I sat with Jayne in her small, sparsely furnished living room as she told me what happened.