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Argentina, el G20 y las movilizaciones en su contra

Cuando entramos en una nueva fase de
neoliberalismo autoritario marcado por el avance del neofascismo es esencial
que sigamos fortaleciendo los lazos entre los movimientos que luchan contra las
estructuras de opresión.  English

Fighting for clean air in Kamianske, Ukraine

This town in eastern Ukraine suffers from serious emissions thanks to its metallurgical plant. But rounds of public negotiations over pollution have revealed what it’s lacking most: accountability. RU

Remainers must change their tune

For Remainers to win a People's Vote, they need to make a positive case

Argentina, the G20, and the mobilisations against it

As we are entering a new phase of authoritarian neoliberalism it
is essential that we continue strengthening ties between movements fighting the
structures of oppression and advance in the construction of better worlds.

Bullying Iran will not work

The US narrative should be adjusted
in such way to be more in ‘synch’ with realities on the ground
and not simply restricted to hostile and at times highly exaggerated

How one woman is mapping femicides in Mexico

From her home and cafés in Mexico City, María Salguero is filling in the gaps left by official data on gender-related killings.