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Bitter grapes? Slavery, labour, and memory in the Cape winelands

South Africa’s vineyards have been accused of practicing ‘modern-day slavery’, but few ask why exploitative practices from the past continue. A few new museums in the area seek to start this conversation.


Forever Evo?

A court ruling authorizes the
reelection of Evo Morales. The Bolivian president is looking to Argentina and
Ecuador to convince himself that the "process of change" depends only
on him. Español

Libyan outrage: slavery or borders?

A recent CNN video of an apparent ‘slave auction’ in Libya has caused horror on social media, but the term slavery hides the European migration policies leading to such abuse.

The building of the Indian as a violent character

There is no repression without demonization. In
Argentina, demonizing is being used to place native communities outside the
rule of law, so that “counter-terrorist war” can be waged against them. Español

How Mario Centeno could change Europe

Mário Centeno, the new President of the Eurogroup, is going to Brussels to defend
an alternative to austerity. But reshaping the European Union will require a
lot more than electing a Southern European as President of the Eurogroup.