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If the hard Brexiteers have nothing to hide, they've nothing to fear

Molly Scott Cato MEP explains why she has teamed up with the Good Law Project to force the government to lift the veil of secrecy on its Brexit impact reports - through action in the high court, if neccessary.

Chile elections: why progressives will not win

progressives have achieved great cultural victories but are politically
fragmented. Their crisis is deeper than it seems. And solutions are not just
around the corner. Español

FP October 18

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Voices to lift our spirits

“In a protest, we’re all bystanders, we’re
all there because of some attempt to marginalise us; the bystanders are the
people making history.” Book review.

Museveni: the next ‘benevolent’ President for life?

In Uganda, Museveni and his supporters battle to remove the constitutional age limit which bars him from running again, by presenting himself as the expression of "the masses'"' wishes.