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Post-conflict in Colombia (8) From Havana to the classrooms

Educating citizens for peace implies
transforming the world views that justify violence, generating an environment
where the peaceful solution to conflicts is the norm, and where differences
coexist in harmony. Español

The killer nanny and the TV blackout

Antonova 2 crop.jpg

The recent murder of a child in central Moscow has shocked us all. Why didn't Russian state media respond?

Empathy, belonging and the UK-EU question

Cognitive neuroscience research on belonging has a lot to teach us on the fundamental processes that will make or break not only UK-EU relations but the entire European project.

Moscow’s authoritarian future

Recent moves against Moscow’s street traders don’t only violate Russia’s Constitution and hurt the economy. They also consolidate the regime’s power. Русский

Defeating Israel

Mohammed Al Qiq has recently ended a record 94-day hunger strike protesting his so-called administrative detention, a procedure Israel uses disproportionately against Palestinians, holding them without charges or due process.