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A vision for Western Sahara and the Moroccan protest movement

If autonomy is to prevail then it should be an autonomy within a fully and strictly democratic Morocco, and if confederation is to prevail then a confederation within a fully and strictly democratic Western Sahara.

Is #LetThemStay Australia’s anti-apartheid moment?

People inside and outside of
Australia stand up to challenge a system that seeks to construct
physical and imagined borders that separate people based primarily on their
race and creed.

India falters in battle of ideas with Pakistan

The religious extremists in Pakistan love any outbreak of
sectarian violence in India because that makes their task easier.

Hard times for Europe

European democracy matters in the world but
it matters, particularly, in Latin America. Both regions
should stick with defending
the values they share, and keep on strengthening each other. Español Português

The creative protests of sex workers in Argentina

Sex work in Argentina is legal, but since 2011 the anti-trafficking agenda has increasingly threatened that status. This has led to new alliances and strategies of resistance among sex workers there.