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Venezuela in the abyss

Why is such a wealthy
country experiencing such a catastrophic financial crisis? And why, in the
light of this crisis, have certain measures been introduced that lead nowhere?
Interview. Español

Political books round-up - 2018 Labour Conference special

Analyses of Corbynism, Trumpism and the legacy
of 68, guides to action, cookbooks and childrens books, 
 welcomes the variety of thinking on offer from Left
authors new and old.

Тихоокеанский рубеж Владимира Путина

Отмена результатов губернаторских выборов Приморье и все, что предшествовало этому непростому решению, стало главным скандалом сентября во внутрироссийской политике. 

Faultlines in India's parliamentary democracy

executive is hardly accountable to the legislature, legislators lack tangible
power, so notions of the consent of the governed and the will of the people are
a farce.