Articles from Open Democracy

A very English take on Denmark

“Here’s also why Brexit happened.
Europe is a mystery. Europeans come from a faraway land. Australia is nearer.”

The politics of protest in Argentina

life in Argentina is characterized by a particularly active culture of social
protest. This is a key element to understanding political dynamics
throughout the 21st century. Español

Do not take Oman's stability for granted

While the future of Oman is far from certain, the world has so fair paid little attention to the turbulences that might be awaiting the Sultanate.

Organising for a better future for work

Unions must reach outside their comfort zones and develop an inclusive collective voice so that workers can organise effectively in a hostile political environment.


#ArchivoDemoAbierta2018: a year of environmental challenges

The protection of the environment is so crucial for upholding
democracy that however the subject is approached, it is often impossible to
express the real magnitude of the issue. That’s why we present some of the most
important environmental conflicts of 2018. Español

Yellow fever in France

Almost everyone agrees on the analysis of what caused this movement: the
growth of inequalities, the marginalization of certain regions and social
categories, austerity and neoliberal politics. Then accounts diverge.

Elections in Libya: the difficult way ahead

The Libya conference in Palermo has ended in a renewed push for elections in the crisis-ridden country. But is Libya really in a fit state to deliver on this commitment?