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Brazil militarizes its war on crime

Even if expanding the use of military operations to combat
crime has shown little success in the past, the current Brazilian government has decided to carry on. Español

Russian interference in the virtual world is not the problem

If there were no Russian "influence operations" in the virtual world, no disinformation campaign spearheaded by Russian bots and trolls, would the western world look much different today?

The Backlash podcast episode 1: Women and the far right

We talk to three women who know more about the far right than most: councillor Jolene Bunting in Northern Ireland, researcher Marilyn Mayo in the US, and professor Akanksa Mehta at the University of Sussex.

The silencing of difficult women

What happened at Save the Children UK wasn’t a ‘mistake,’ it was
a strategic choice.

Is Sweden complicit in war crimes in Yemen?

Despite the documented crimes of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, Sweden continues to sell arms to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.