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International family life after Brexit: further sanctions on intimacy?

The British government will likely claim greater control over the intimate lives of resident EU citizens post-Brexit, a control it already exerts over its own citizens.


Migrants' Rights Network/Flickr. (CC 2.0 by-nc)

The contradictions of contemporary au pair schemes

Not all au pairs are exploited, but they do carry out work in conditions that may encourage maltreatment. Recognising them as workers is a first step towards ensuring their fair treatment.

Why stories matter

Stories cultivate the
frequently forgotten yet uniquely human traits that build solidarity.

Migration crisis in 2017 – challenges for EU solidarity

Changes in the political scene may
lead to the reformation of migration policy in EU countries, and that in turn
may be another impulse towards weakening the community as a whole.

Not “one of us”: the French presidential elections

So, this new situation
which looked simple with a choice between two different types of societies, has
to face once again a bitter resistance from entrenched political interests from
all sides.