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Scandinavian Nazis on the march again

The past four years in Norway give
the lie to Norwegian political analysts proclaiming that a populist right-wing
party in power acts as a brake on rising right-wing extremism.

How can Russia’s left work with Navalny?

Across Russia, Alexey Navalny’s anti-corruption campaign is gaining an audience. Can Russia’s left benefit from the political opening he has provided?

Pinkwashing at Berlin Pride

Defiant chants of liberation and open condemnation of the state have given way to political party blocs and a barrage of corporate floats, vying for the pink pound.

The fight for decent work: a need for new models

Workers usually organise within their sector, if at all. But in today’s economy, could a community-wide approach could be more effective?

Penelope Kyritsis (oD): Can you tell us your name and what you do.

The Barcelona attack

After 16 years of the
so-called war on terror, people feel no more secure than in the aftermath of