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Report: The Poor People’s Campaign, 50 Years Later

In 1968, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights leaders launched a Poor People’s Campaign to organize towards transformative actions to end poverty, racism, and militarism in America.

The GOP’s Great Depression Tax Plan


Everett Historical / Shutterstock

Critics of this fall’s tax reform spectacle on Capitol Hill never seem to miss an opportunity to contrast the GOP’s rush to judgment today with what they hail as the measured, bipartisan approach to tax reform back in 1986.

Report: High Flyers 2017

The private jet lobby – and their super-wealthy passengers – have created a parallel universe of perks and privileges that would shock most commercial passengers if they knew about them.

The GOP Is Using ‘Tax Reform’ to Gut American Health Care

New data from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) shows that the tax reform bill passed by House Republicans will cost an astounding $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years, possibly forcing $25 billion worth of cuts to Medicare. At the same time, Republican senators are working to create their own version of the bill, which would end the Obamacare individual mandate.