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Get Ready for Bush 2.0


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Political reporters have a saying: There’s always a tweet.

How Your Personal Income Taxes Were Spent in 2017

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Tax Day is April 17, 2018. Americans will file their tax returns for all income received in 2017. Want to know what your taxes pay for, and who pays what?

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Wall Street Bonus Pool Dwarfs ‘Tax Reform Bonuses’ and Minimum Wage Earnings While Contributing to Gender Inequality

News from the Institute for Policy Studies — for immediate release March 26, 2018

Just-released figures from the New York State Comptroller show Wall Street banks handed out $31.4 billion in bonuses to their New York City-based employees for 2017 performance, up 17 percent over 2016. According to Institute for Policy Studies analysis of these figures:

Wall Street bonuses v. ‘tax reform’ bonuses 

Trump, Terrorism, and the Politics of Witch Hunts


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Five hundred years ago, a popular test to flush out witches was called “ordeal by water.” Dunk an alleged witch into a lake. If she sinks, she’s innocent. If she floats, her guilt is plain for all to see and she can be safely burned at the stake.