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Money Talks. We Need to Talk Louder.


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In today’s polarized political climate, it seems like there’s no issue that people can agree on — except for maybe one.

A Tax Plan Only a One Percenter Could Love


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After the failed effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), the Trump administration has set its sights on its next big project: so-called “tax reform.”

Trump Puts the Fossil Fuel Industry’s Bottom Line Over the American People

“What we see is an executive order that says, ‘we don’t care that much about the American public’s health. We don’t care that much about the impacts of climate. What we really care about is the fossil fuel industry’s bottom line,” IPS associate fellow Janet Redman told the Real News Network after Donald Trump signed the Energy Independence Order.

The order targeted a number of Obama era climate change regulations, including the Clean Power Plan, under the guise of saving coal jobs.