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A Soiled Picture of Art and Labor


(Photo: Donna / Flickr)

Home care givers, fast food workers, and adjunct faculty all work in multi-billion-dollar industries — and have to fight for livable, sustainable wages.

Duterte’s Extrajudicial Killings Will Only Make the Philippines’ Drug Problem Worse

IPS Drug Policy expert Sanho Tree called Philippines President Duterte’s drug killings a “Trumpian tantrum” in an interview with CCTV.

“The lawlessness that has erupted over this is opening up political space for any kind of killing now,” Tree said. People could be using this crackdown as an excuse to settle grievances, or rival drug gangs could use to take out the competition and expand their turf, Tree said.

“Put a sign around a corpse’s neck and label it drug pusher,” Tree said, that’s all you’d have to do.