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2017 Was Rough, But Movement Leaders Have High Hopes for 2018

Across the globe, 2017 brought us to new lows. Yet, even as crisis after crisis shook us to the ground, they also inspired many to rise up and take to the streets and other venues of popular power. Donald Trump as president awakened millions, sparked new cross-sectoral coalitions, and galvanized people to creative and effective action.

Trump Just Made it Easier to Deny Medicaid to Poor Americans

The 99 Percent Have Found Our Voice

 Photo by Sunset Parkerpix.

The Trump administration moved recently to allow states to require “proof of work” for Medicaid recipients.

The idea is punitive and counter-productive—not to mention hypocritical.

Move Along, Baby Boomers


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Historians won’t look fondly on 2017.

The news cycle was dominated by sexual assault, widespread anxiety, the unedited musings of a mentally unstable president, rising economic inequality, and an opioid epidemic. And in case you forgot, the planet is still on track to boil.