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10th Anniversary of United States Africa Command

On this segment of “By Any Means Necessary,” Netfa Freeman, of the Institute for Policy Studies and Pan African Community Action (PACA), joins the show to talk about the 10th anniversary of United States Africa Command (Africom), the limited knowledge Americans have about the role of the US in Africa, how the US military facilitates disaster economics, and the evolving militarization of the US police.

Activists Demand Accountability from Kavanaugh

A judge on the highest court in the land should be required to — at the very least — cross the lowest bar of qualifications. With every passing day, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh proves he is further and further from jumping that hurdle.

English-Only Laws Have a Disturbing History

“Wild tongues can’t be tamed, they can only be cut out,” wrote Gloria Anzaldua in her bilingually titled book “Borderlands/La Frontera.”

That’s how Anzaldua, a Chicana writer born in Texas, described her experience growing up in Texas under a “English-only environment.”

Share the Wealth? Of Course. But When?

In the United States, back during the Great Depression, three simple words animated a grassroots upsurge that would help make the nation the world’s first mass middle-class society: Share the wealth!

The Strength of Kavanaugh’s Accusers Is Truly Amazing

Christine Blasey Ford has shown remarkable bravery in speaking out about an attempted rape she experienced over 35 years ago.

But it’s hard not to fear what comes next. She will tell her story — one she no doubt remembers with painful clarity — but there will be no smoking gun, no undeniable forensic evidence, and in the end, Brett Kavanaugh may well be confirmed as the newest Justice on the Supreme Court.

Men: We’ve Heard About Assaults. Speak Up About Them.

The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation imbroglio shined a bright light on a terrible misconception: that the #MeToo movement is somehow about destroying the careers of powerful men.

Again and again, Kavanaugh and his defenders complained that the allegations were “ruining his life” or “his good name.” (Never mind whether he deserves it.)

This sort of entitlement completely erases survivors of assault. #MeToo is about those women, previously silent, speaking out so that America’s shameful tolerance of sexual assault ends.

#MeToo Goes Global

The famous tenor Enrico Caruso went on trial in 1906 for an incident at the monkey house in Central Park. He was accused of the indecent assault of 30-year-old Hannah Graham. Caruso in turn accused one of the monkeys of pinching the victim’s rear end. Other accusations of sexual harassment emerged at the trial.

Phyllis Bennis on What We Can Expect From Trump-led Security Council Meeting

Phyllis Bennis, director of the New Internationalism Project, joined WPFW’s Business Matters to discuss the Trump-led UN Security Council meeting, the impact advisors Pompeo and Bolton are having on U.S. Foreign Policy, and conflict in Palestine.

This interview originally aired on WPFW.