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White Supremacy Carries More Than a Tiki Torch


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Our president has no trouble naming his enemies — CNN, Rosie O’Donnell, Nordstrom, immigrants, Muslims, the all-women version of Ghostbusters, etc. etc.

IPS Statement: Stand with Charlottesville

This weekend, events at the University of Virginia revealed the consequences of systemic and insidious white supremacy.

We saw hundreds of predominantly white men show up for a “Unite the Right” rally with torches and bats. When they were met by anti-racist protestors, we looked on in horror as one neo-Nazi drove his car through the crowd, killing one and injuring many others.

Report: Reversing Inequality

While there is now widespread understanding that extreme income and wealth inequality is growing and has negative impacts on society, most proposed solutions fail to address deeper systemic drivers. While technological change and globalization have supercharged inequalities, they are not the primary drivers.

Slap-dash Sanctions Leave Less Room for Diplomacy

“These are ominous developments in all of these countries,” Phyllis Bennis told The Real News following reports that Donald Trump would sign a bill slapping sanctions on Russia, North Korea, and Iran—an extraordinarily different set of state actors which pose very different foreign policy challenges.

Trumping Up Our Trains


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Every time the train derails, my mother begs me to stay put. But how can I?