Uprisings in Venezuela and Ukraine: a Challenge to the US Left

Jan Adams
February, 2014

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This month, War Times writer Jan Adams focuses on two areas of the world where the United States is clumsily attempting to control the outcomes of two very different uprisings: Venezuela and Ukraine. She argues that progressives and peace activist in this country have one real challenge in each case: to keep the imperial adventurers who run things here from making life even worse for ordinary people in those countries.



Rami El-Amine
December, 2013

Rami El-Amine takes stock of the Arab revolutions three years on, arguing that counter-revolution has rolled back most of the gains made and created a level of instability and sectarianism that threatens all-out regional war. At the same time, in one of the bitterest ironies of this humanitarian catastrophe, this very instability may improve prospects for a nuclear agreement with Iran that could start a new dynamic toward peace in the region.


Civil War in Syria: Some Valuable Resources


Lynn Koh

The War Times collective, like the rest of the peace movement, unequivocally opposes military intervention against Syria.  Below is a list of articles, interviews, and essays to help folks understand the crisis.

Opposing airstrikes against Syria:  a range of voices and reasons.

Phyllis Bennis and David Wildman say an airstrike against Syria would be illegal, reckless, and 'would make the dire situation in Syria inestimably worse' 

Negotiations not chest-thumping needed with North Korea


Pyongyang, North Korea
Courtesy of Save Jeju
Courtesy of Asia Pacific Initiative
Francesca Fiorentini

For those trying to keep up on the latest tensions on the Korean peninsula, here is a mini compilation of articles to try and help.

Today on Democracy Now! Christine Hong of UC Santa Cruz provided context for the current crisis, reminding us that the terms of the 1953 Korean War Armistice Agreement—the negotiation of a permanent peace agreement and the removal of foreign forces from the Korean peninsula—have gone unfulfilled in these 60 years.

Militarism, Nationalism and the Crisis in Ukraine

Nathan Paulsen
March, 2014

The jockeying for position between Russian and U.S. governments in Ukraine has dominated headlines since the fall of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in late February. In the writing to follow Nathan Paulsen highlights recent events and places them in a broader context of US militarism.



Tax Day • Global Day of Action on MIlitary Spending

It is just 2 weeks until Tax Day/Global Day of Action on Military Spending on April 15. Actions are planned in Greensboro,NC, Superior,WI, St Louis & Kansas City, MO, Duluth,MN, Cleveland,OH, Boston,MA , Seattle, WA, Portland,OR, San Mateo County, CA and many more! Find an event in your area or list one here.

New actions your group can join:


Puke worthy


Jan Adams

The publication pictured seems to be the "newsletter" of the military forces that work at the US prisoncamp at Guantanamo Bay.

H/t: tweet from @carolrosenberg who has reported on Gitmo for years for the Miami Herald.

Further along in her twitter stream, she points out:

Russia leases Sevastopol from Ukraine like U.S. leases Guantanamo Bay from Cuba.

Levantamientos en Venezuela y Ucrania: un desafío para la izquierda de EE.UU.

Jan Adams
February, 2014

Tracucción por Ruth Warner-Carrillo

Este mes, escritora de Tiempo de Guerras  Jan Adams abarca dos áreas del mundo donde Estados Unidos intenta torpemente controlar el resultado de dos levantamientos muy distintos: Venezuela y Ucrania. Ella propone que los progresistas y activistas a favor de la paz en este país tienen un desafío real en cada uno de estos casos: asegurar que los aventureros imperiales aquí no empeoren la vida de la gente común en esos países.