No 'Slam Dunk' in Syria For Obama Administration

By Greg Hom
Aug 29, 2013

The Associated Press decided to not join the rest of the media in being excited about seeing American bombs explode in Syria. Rather, they decided to show that the Obama administration claims that Assad was responsible for a recent gas attack are being refuted by other U.S. officials.

As the article says: “U.S. officials used the phrase "not a slam dunk" to describe the intelligence picture [in Syria] — a reference to then-CIA Director George Tenet's insistence in 2002 that U.S. intelligence showing Iraq had weapons of mass destruction was a "slam dunk" — intelligence that turned out to be wrong.”

I agree with the commentators who say that it doesn't matter which side in the civil war used chemical weapons; the civil war is the “moral obscenity”, and any US involvement will only make things worse.

The administration wants to get involved in the Syrian civil war on the grounds that the Assad government instigated the chemical attack. The Associated Press did the job of what media should do by showing that government claims don't match what their political will calls for, and calls into question what the actual political goals of intervention are.

So, thank you Associated Press.

On a different note of the United States' relationship to chemical warfare, Foreign Policy put out an article a few days ago showing conclusively with the government's own documents that they aided the Iraqi government in their war against the Iran in the 1980's- and they knew that the Iraqi government was using chemical weapons on the battlefield.

Savvy political thinkers may already have known this, but the article only highlights the hypocrisy of the U.S., which will accept atrocities that fit into its strategy for empire, and denounce those that don't fit. Until we can change that situation, there is no “humanitarian” way that the United States can involve itself in Syria (Libya, etc.).

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Greg has written book reviews for Left Turn Magazine, and volunteered with Prison Radio.

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