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May 10, 2011

Report from War Times friend Roxanna Pastor

(Versión en español)

May 7, 2011

Dear ones,

San Francisco Mission District poster for local solidarity march

This afternoon I walked for a while with the March for Peace, which as you know left Cuernavaca the 5th of May and arrived here at University City (in the D.F.). They will spend the night at the Autonomous University of Mexico and tomorrow will march to the Zócalo. It was a very empowering experience. There were all kinds of people, but most of all young people who were marching for the first time.

It was a silent march, but people watching nearby were allowed to applaud, along with the honking of passing cars, expressing their solidarity. I walked with a young man and a young woman who were doing the whole route from Cuernavaca. After three days, they were exhausted, and they were joking that “for us who came from Cuernavaca, it’s not ‘not one more death’ but ‘not one more step!’” But they knew that this would not be the last march, and that the sacrifice was “for our country.”

In addition to the youth, it turned out that there were banners denouncing many different outrages. As Carmen Aristegui said, “this is the march that combines all our aggravations.” Murders, disappearances, attacks, violation of indigenous peoples’ autonomy, the abuses of transnational companies, and the impunity of the owners of a daycare center in Sonora where more than 40 children died in a fire.

One group of mothers and fathers carried a banner that read, “Not every parent is a poet, but every child is a poem,” in allusion to the person who called the march in the first place, the poet Javier Sicilia. His own son was murdered. Further on, on other posters, the poetry continued: “[Our children] are birdsong and cooing; let no one hush their singing.”

Click here for a slideshow of photos from the march.

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