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Hands up. Don't shoot.

Washington's Wars and Occupations:
Month in Review #112/August 31, 2014

Faced with Two Societies, Separate and Unequal, mass rebellion sweeps Ferguson and resonates nationwide. Michael Reagan reports.   


We thrash, curse for air
As our strangler declares, look
How violent the Arab

– Haiku for the Headlocked, by Zein El-Amine

Gary Hicks calls for urgent action to prevent U.S. re-intervention in Iraq while stressing the need to keep the long view and global picture in mind.

Re-energizing the U.S. peace movement requires both responding to immediate crises and pursuing a long-haul strategy.  


Image created by Heidi Andrea Rhodes

Despite the Memorial Day “celebrations,” claims that the Afghanistan War is coming to an end, and talk of “humanitarian” military deployments to Nigeria, the naked violence of the U.S. role in the world showed through the verbal fog this month. President Obama tried to argue that an indefinite military presence is "how war ends in the 21st...

The jockeying for position between Russian and U.S. governments in Ukraine has dominated headlines since the fall of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in late February. In the writing to follow Nathan Paulsen highlights recent events and places them in a broader context of...

Rebecca Tumposky reports on the high stakes battle in Washington over the Iran negotiations as the P5+1-Iran interim agreement takes effect, stressing that further diplomatic progress is crucial for de-escalating conflict throughout the Middle East and dealing a blow to the...


Young Syrian refugees in a camp in northern Lebanon. Picture: Sam Tarling, Caritas (Keystone)

Rami El-Amine takes stock of the Arab revolutions three years on, arguing that counter-revolution has rolled back most of the gains made and created a level of instability and sectarianism that threatens all-out regional war.

Washington's Wars and Occupations:
 Month in Review #103/November 30, 2013

Washington's Wars and Occupations:
Month in Review #102/October 31,

John Trinkl gauges the impact of the government shutdown and the blowback against NSA spying on Washington's...

Greg Hom analyzes the dizzying events that halted U.S. plans to bomb Syria, reports on the police state apparatus targeting Muslims in New York City, and ends with some thoughts on the possibilities for a breakthrough in U.S.-Iran diplomacy.

Washington's post-9/11 Middle...


“I’ve seen the promised land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the promised land.”

–Martin Luther King Jr., speaking at a Memphis garbage workers strike...

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Nathan Paulsen situates the NSA revelations in the long and sordid history of U.S. government surveillance and likewise puts the Supreme Court's gutting of the Voting Rights Act...

Carlos Martinez cuts through the fog of rhetoric about Washington defense of freedom across the globe and explains why famed Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano's message to the U.S. is "Please don't save me!"     

Poster from the Break the Chains conference held at the University of Oregon in 2003.

In a month filled with the killing of innocents from Boston to West, Texas and from Baghdad to Yemen, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, Sarah Lazare calls attention to what we all have to learn from the Palestinian people's resistance to brutality and dispossession.  

Michael Reagan connects the war in Iraq, elite impunity, the police murder of Kimani Gray, the Steubenville rape case, and the "sequester" assault on the poor, to the "madness from the top" that structures U.S. society.