Is Grover Norquist right?

By Lynn Koh
Oct 16, 2013

The dust is settling on the government shutdown.  Time to figure out what the heck is going on.

One very helpful article is by Michael Lind.  He says the tea party backers are not typically Koch-type billionaires, but regional notables who are not national-level players in the ruling class.  He does not necessarily connect the dots, but as I mentioned in a previous post, the high level of conflict within the capitalist class can be understood as overlaying the dynamics of a stagnant capitalism on top of racial anxiety from the United States' changing demographics.

Grover Norquist, who famously said he wanted to shrink government down to the size you could drown it in the bathtub, compares the hard-right's shutdown strategy to the neoconservatives' imperial overreach.  Let's hope he's right.  

Here's what he says, according to the National Review.

“They hurt the conservative movement, they hurt people’s health care, they hurt the country’s economic situation and they hurt the Republican party,” he says. “And a lot of congressmen and senators are not going to win because we spent three months chasing our own tail — or at least, parts of the conservative movement spent three months chasing their own tail.”

He also compared the Defunders’ strategy to that of the Iraq invasion.

“These are the people who said, ‘Plan: Step One, Invade Iraq. Step Two, It turns into Kansas,’” Norquist says. “Could I ask if there’s anything in between Step One and Step Two? ‘Oh ye of little faith.’

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Lynn Koh is a long-time activist in the anti-war movement, and is a labor organizer in the Bay Area.

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